The Weird Weeds, Weird Feelings (Sounds Are Active) CD

Weird Shadow


The best dreams are the bad ones, the ones that unsettle you to the point where you start to believe that what happened in those dreams might have actually taken place. And sometimes the best music is that which evokes the same feelings as those unsettling dreams. The Weird Weeds, a young rock trio from Austin, Texas, are quite skilled at inducing that, well, weirdness and dis-ease. The group’s second album, Weird Feelings, takes a stark, darker approach than its self-released debut, appropriately beginning with the minute-long “Bad Dreams.” It segues into the title track, which is augmented by a seven-person chorus singing, “You feel so alive,” in a dizzying, rapturous swell.

Weeds leader Nick Hennies’ subtle percussions mesh perfectly with Sandy Ewen’s and Aaron Russell’s unified-yet-meandering guitars, and Ewen and Hennies harmonize beautifully, as well as sing solo. Most strikingly, Ewen’s and Russell’s melodies and countermelodies combine into an almost music-box sound, evoking childhood memories of lullabies played through the windup backs of overloved plush toys. The sound of the Weird Weeds is simultaneously haunting and beautiful, and by penultimate song “Cold Medicine”–wherein Hennies and Ewen languidly chant, “Go to sleep, go to sleep”–the somnambulant sensation that the weird dream just might really be happening is complete.


The Weird Weeds

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Friday, September 15th @ The Cake Shop
152 Ludlow, NYC

The Dirty Projectors
The Weird Weeds
Nat Baldwin
Swan Island

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