About The Other Side of Life

This is a long-running music blog written by a Kentucky-via-New York transplant. While the early emphasis for most of this blog was on reviews we’d written (either “professionally” or otherwise), now The Other Side of Life exists primarily (though not exclusively) to book and promote shows in Louisville, Kentucky. We don’t need unsolicited requests for previews or reviews, especially for 1) Louisville-area shows that we didn’t book ourselves and 2) that are on the same nights as shows we have already booked. Wanna know what we’ve got going on? Click on the Upcoming Events page, or just look at the main page.

If you do have music for review or booking consideration, you  can send it to:

1128 Lydia Street
Louisville, KY 40217

or email: hstencil@gmail.com. Keep in mind that we rarely review records that often any more, though that doesn’t mean we may not, ever again. If you’d like to play a show in Louisville, we’ll try our best to help — and if we can’t help, we can probably direct you to someone who can.

Other ways to stay up on our events:

Join our Facebook group here: http://www.facebook.com/groups/232825523444477.

Check out our Twitter here: https://twitter.com/OtherSideShows.

2 thoughts on “About The Other Side of Life

  1. Jonathan Bell

    Hello, I’d like to interview the person who runs this blog. Could they send me an email to june10.1996(at)gmail.com, with their phone # so that I can contact them. It’s for a UofL music publication. Thanks a lot. -Jonathan


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