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ATTEMPT, TOUPEE, and SKETCHING at KAIJU, this Sunday, August 2nd


The Other Side of Life is proud to present:




Sunday, August 2nd

1004 E. Oak Street
9 PM, 21+
Check out the Facebook invitation here: https://www.facebook.com/events/401116726756003/

ATTEMPT is the songwriting project of Trevor Tremaine. It’s unlikely, but you may know him as the drummer for noise band Hair Police, as the proprietor of the now-defunct micro-edition cassette label Rampart Tapes, as a co-founder of the surrealist Resonant Hole collective, as the conductor of avant-folk combo Eyes & Arms of Smoke, as a sideman with a strange and diverse resume (Burning Star Core, Warmer Milks, Matt Duncan, Death Unit, Silverware, and Thurston Moore’s Aktion Unit, if you can believe it), or as [himself], the author of this brief biography of him.


If anything I’d like to be able to use this outlet as a means to cut through the bullshit, like the kind of purple praise which you’ll probably need to wipe your eyes after reading on the hype sticker affixed to the shrinkwrap (all the low hanging fruits are there: Victim Of Time a/k/a “Nothing’s Bad In Garage Rock Ever, Especially This”; Impose a/k/a “Deep Thoughts/Trying To Understand/Won’t You Explain In 150 Characters, Maybe More”; Ad Hoc, a/k/a “Who?”; Tiny Mix Tapes a/k/a “Reviews So Pointless We Can’t Even Assign Writers’ Real Names To ‘Em”). Look, if you are gonna use a quote, start from something like this. Toupee is pretty indebted to the ‘80s, and Leg Toucher looks uglier than an all-over-print Gotcha brand crewneck sweatshirt, with a sound I’d pin as “aerobic Jackonuts with occasional forays into Siouxsie territory,” but for here and now that’s enough. They sound smack in the middle of the two most common types of bands I’ve seen in Chicago so far: kinda Goth femme punk meets wild & crazy dude noise rock, but on these 11 songs they chop those two trends into a chunky mix, getting to a point at the beginning of side B that brings about over-the-edge chaos (“Come Back To Camp”), gravelly torture screams and winding, near-Jaks style dark rock slams (“Fort Knight”), and the ultimate in “School,” a great, nasty anthem that somehow missed both Hole and Babes In Toyland as their real big breakout hit, sounding like the Go-Go’s dyed blue-black with Marilyn Manson contact lenses dropped in. Toupee introduces and proves their worth within minutes, and begin to devour their competition by the end. There’s my contribution to the violet time. (http://www.moniker-records.com)
(Doug Mosurock)


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