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Two Good Shows Tomorrow!

It’s going to be tough to decide on which of these to go to — that is, if we end up not having to work tomorrow night!

The Web
Brett Ralph’s Kentucky Chrome Revue
David Grubbs
Rude Weirdo
Straight A’s
at the Bard’s Town, 1801 Bardstown Road. 9 PM, $6, apparently now it’s all ages. This show, presented by Louisville’s excellent Noise Pollution label, should be a good one as it’s well-stocked with artists that (should) need no introduction. If you need more info, you might find it at the Facebook event here: http://www.facebook.com/events/145355115567233.

Also, over at Zanzabar (which is at 2100 S. Preston, of course), Natural Child and State Champion are playing (here’s the event invite: http://www.facebook.com/events/255787627819138). Natural Child played an excellent set at this year’s Cropped Out, so if you missed it, don’t sleep on this show! It’s $5, 21-and-over, and starts at 9 PM.

No matter what you end up doing, have a fantastic New Year!


UPDATE, 4/22/10: This show will now be the record release show for Straight A’s new album Self Help, which is being released by Louisville’s own Noise Pollution label!

STRAIGHT A’s (from Louisville, on Noise Pollution)
SIGHTINGS (from Brooklyn, New York; on Brah/Jagjaguwar)
THE TEETH (from Louisville/Southern Indiana, on Noise Pollution)

Thursday, May 6th
1017 E. Broadway
8 PM, $5, ALL AGES!

Louisville’s STRAIGHT A’s will be on hand to dish out their “aggressive and original pitch-shifted, echo-noise onslaught” (as described by Leo Weekly) while supporting their brand new full length album Self Help. They have also been described by one audience member as Arab on Radar meets In My Head-era Black Flag, which sounds bitchin’ and also very apropos.

Listen to STRAIGHT A’s here: Straight A’s – “The Whole Package”

SIGHTINGS has never presented a particularly welcoming façade and their sui generis music has perhaps been passed over by less discerning listeners over the eleven years of their existence, but throughout this they have created a singular body of work appreciated and touted by the likes of Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore and Andrew WK. If you’ve missed the boat up until now – [their new album] City of Straw is the ideal venue to experience the band’s mastery of extreme timbres, astounding instrumental prowess and yes, extraordinary song-craft. SIGHTINGS will insist that at their core they are a rock band working within the context of pop song-craft. With a deep reach beyond the spirit of their influence from greats like the Birthday Party, the Dead C. and the Jesus Lizard, City of Straw finds SIGHTINGS working at the peak of their creative powers and is the perfect re-introduction to one of New York’s most accomplished bands. “Name any rock band and chances are you can connect its music back to some formal antecedent — Chuck Berry, the Velvet Underground, the Beatles or even just the blues. Sightings are unburdened by — even outside of — that history. The trio’s lineup is as basic as they come: drummer, bassist, guitarist who sings. It’s just that those elements seem based on some intuitive science that the rest of humanity hasn’t quite gotten hip to yet.” – Mike Wolf, Time Out New York. This show marks the first time SIGHTINGS has played Louisville.

Listen to “Tar and Pine” off SIGHTINGS’ new album City of Straw here: http://www.scjag.com/mp3/jag/tarandpine.mp3.

Formed in 2001, Louisville’s THE TEETH have followed their own peculiar path since.  This path is one strewn with one-off cd-r’s, rusty nail helmets, shaving on stage and shifting lineups (the core of which centered around guitarist Matt Dodds and drummer JR Rector).  The lineup stabilized with the addition of bassist Brad Anderson and vocalist Ben Herning in 2005 and THE TEETH have continued to hone their stripped down, strangely ethereal interpretation of post-punk.  The band has since released a full length album and a seven-inch EP, and are currently writing material for a new album.

Listen to THE TEETH here: The Teeth – “The Rubberliner”

Check out the Facebook invite here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=115740458440229

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