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The Other Side of Life is proud to present:




Saturday, March 28th
Doors open at 8 PM
$10, 18+
Advance online tickets available here: http://www.ticketfly.com/event/746489-watter-steve-gunn-ryley-louisville/
Tickets go on sale at 5 PM Eastern, January 15th!
Facebook invitation here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1374366419537796
Recommended If You Like: Grails, Slint, Nick Drake, John Fahey


IMG_7400 (1)

WATTER is a new trio made up of close friends and collaborators whose collective pedigree reads like a desert island list of must-haves in experimental rock musicians. Multi-instrumentalists Zak Riles (Grails) and Tyler Trotter are anchored by legendary drummer Britt Walford (Slint, Evergreen) on six genre-defying pieces of monolithic mood music. For Riles and Trotter, it’s a chance to dig deeper into the sandbox in which Grails have sculpted many mercurial masterpieces in recent years; for Walford, it’s the opportunity to play a substantial role in a new active band for the first time in nearly twenty years. Their debut album, This World, was released by Temporary Residence and was one of our favorite records of 2014.

(Photo of Steve Gunn by Constance Mensh.)

STEVE GUNN is a New York-based guitarist and songwriter. With a career spanning nearly fifteen years, Steve has produced volumes of critically acclaimed solo, duo, and ensemble recordings. Way Out Weather, GUNN’s album released last fall on Paradise of Bachelors, shows his discursive, mantric guitar style, at once transcendent and methodical — and as influenced by Western guitarists such as Michael Chapman and Sonny Sharrock as by Ghanaian highlife, Gnawa, and Carnatic forms.

Watch the video for STEVE GUNN’s “Way Out Weather” here:

“…The charming swagger of jazz-folk troubadour Tim Buckley and the resonant, full picking style of Bert Jansch.” – NPR Music

RYLEY WALKER is a 24 year-old singer/songwriter and guitarist from Chicago. Having kicked around Chicago’s experimental free/noise music scene for several years, Ryley recently turned to a folk-rock sound inspired by some of his heroes, among them Tim Hardin, Tim Buckley, and Bert Jansch. His new album, Primrose Green, will be released on March 31st by Dead Oceans.

Watch the video for RYLEY WALKER‘s “Primrose Green” here:

Nathan Salsburg
(Photo by Elizabeth Hartsig.)

NATHAN SALSBURG is an archivist, producer, guitarist, and writer based in Louisville, Kentucky. Since 2000 he has worked for the Alan Lomax Archive, for which he currently serves in the capacity of Curator, compiling and producing album releases of the renowned folklorist’s recordings, and managing the Archive’s online audio, photo, and video catalogs, and its popular YouTube channel. Salsburg has also produced archival releases for the Grammy-winning Tompkins Square label, and he curates the Twos & Fews imprint of Chicago’s Drag City record company. As an acoustic guitarist, he has released three critically acclaimed albums — a duet with Chicago’s James Elkington, entitled Avos (Tompkins Square, 2011) and two solo records, Affirmed (No Quarter, 2011) and Hard for to Win and Can’t Be Won (No Quarter, 2013) — and has appeared on WNYC Radio’s “Soundcheck” program and in NPR’s “Tiny Desk Concert” series.

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SAPAT Record Release Show with ELISA AMBROGIO (of Magik Markers), NATHAN BOWLES, and CHAMPION ZOZ at THE NEW VINTAGE, Saturday, January 24th

Elisa Flyer
(Flier by Kaptain Molasses.)

The Other Side of Life is proud to present:

SAPAT Record Release Show!


ELISA AMBROGIO (of Magik Markers, on Drag City)
NATHAN BOWLES (of Pelt and the Black Twig Pickers, on Paradise of Bachelors)

Saturday, January 24th
8 PM, $10, ALL AGES!
Advance online tickets available here: http://www.ticketfly.com/event/742259-sapat-record-release-show-louisville/
Facebook invitation here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1667672330126381
Recommended If You Like: Valley of Ashes, Magik Markers, Pelt, State Champion

Spawned from the formidable Louisville, KY collective known as Black Velvet Fuckere, SAPAT resides as the centrifugal force in this Midwestern psychedelic madrigal set in the psychosexual backwaters of the mighty Ohio River. For the entirety of the ‘00 decade, members have kept busy collaborating with and/or massaging the egos of various and sundry avant-pontiffs such as Robert Fripp, Magik Markers, Dead Child and Eugene Chadbourne – when not honing the orgone energy of SAPAT.

This show celebrates the release of their new LP, A Posthuman Guide to the Advent Calendar
Origins of the Peep Show, on Sophomore Lounge Records!

Limbo as the space between heaven and hell where unblessed babies float, sighing; limbo as the supple-spined Calypsonian dance craze: here exists The Immoralist, the new record by ELISA AMBROGIO. The Immoralist lies at the wicked crossroads of Wilson Pickett’s electric wail and the sweetest of Wilson Phillips harmonies.

Watch the video for ELISA AMBROGIO‘s “Superstitious” here:

The seven songs on NATHAN BOWLES‘ new album Nansemond deploy banjo, percussion, piano (his childhood instrument), tapes, and — for the first time — his robust voice to explore the rugged country between the poles of Appalachian old-time traditions and ecstatic, minimalist drone, moving effortlessly between composed sections, improvised passages, and field recordings. This forking-path approach follows his wide-ranging work as an ensemble player with the Black Twig Pickers (banjo, percussion), Pelt (struck and bowed percussion), Steve Gunn (drums, piano, banjo), Hiss Golden Messenger (banjo), Jack Rose, and others. For this record, he has assembled a sensitive group of collaborators from beyond the rosters of those groups: Tom Carter (guitar), Joe Dejarnette (guitar), Steve Kruger (fiddle, voice), and Jason Meagher of Black Dirt Studio (recording, production, mixing.)

Watch NATHAN BOWLES play “Sleepy Lake Tire Swing” here:

CHAMPION ZOZ is the duo of Ryan Davis (State Champion, Tropical Trash) and MA Turner (MA Turner’s Fatubyfairfe, Cross, Salad Influence, Warmer Milks), here making their Louisville debut on their debut tour! What soulful tunes will this wild-n’-wooly duo produce? Step to it, get to the show early, and find out!

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The New Media Project and The Other Side of Life are proud to present:

CHRIS FORSYTH AND THE SOLAR MOTEL BAND (Philadelphia, PA; on Paradise of Bachelors)



Wednesday, February 19th
810 E. Market Street (in the alley behind Decca Restaurant)
7 PM, $10
Advance tickets available here: http://www.ticketfly.com/event/500165-chris-forsyth-solar-motel-louisville/.

CHRIS FORSYTH is a lauded guitarist and composer whose work assimilates art-rock textures with vernacular American influences. Long active in underground circles, he has released a string of acclaimed records of widescreen guitar rock under his own name including 2011’s Paranoid Cat (Family Vineyard) and 2012’s Kenzo Deluxe (Northern Spy). His most recent release, Solar Motel (Paradise of Bachelors) has been called one of 2013’s best releases by the New Yorker, Uncut, Aquarium Drunkard, Frontier Psychiatrist, Pop Matters, and others, provoking ecstatic comparisons to classic artists like Television, The Grateful Dead, Popul Vuh, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Richard Thompson, Robert Quine, John Fahey, and Glenn Branca. In spring 2013, Forsyth formed The Solar Motel Band with longtime bassist Peter Kerlin, guitarist Paul Sukeena (Spacin’) and drummer Steven Urgo (ex-The War on Drugs), and introduced the band with a month-long June residency at Ortlieb’s in Philly that ignited a storm of blog praise when the shows were posted on Soundcloud. This is their first tour.

“(Solar Motel) is some kind of masterpiece, a four-part suite of ecstatic, spiritual psychedelia that splits the difference between unabashed classic rock thrills and a spikey avant garde sense of adventure. Try to imagine Television circa 1977 recording a cover of Pharoah Sanders’ “The Creator Has A Master Plan” and you’re halfway there.” – Aquarium Drunkard

“9/10. It’s a fierce, exploratory record that sounds, in a way, like an instrumental sequel to Television’s Marquee Moon. Forsyth understands how to elevate mathematical riffing with lyrical flourishes and buried echoes of folk motifs. As a whole, it’s brilliant.” Uncut

Listen to selected live tracks from the SOLAR MOTEL BAND here: https://soundcloud.com/solar-motel-band.

THE RITCHIE WHITE ORCHESTRA is one of life’s sonic rewards. An exploration in aural dissonant lollipops perfect for the brain. Comprised of anyone and everybody the Orchestra has featured some distinguished collaborators in the past – Lydia Lunch, Stephin Merritt, Roddy Bottum, Matt Fishbeck and more. As Jacqueline Susaan writes, “You have to climb to the top of Mount Everest to reach the Valley of the Dolls.” They’re set to release their debut double-7″ record on Louisville’s resurrected SELF DESTRUCT label this spring!

Listen to “Marlboro Country” by The Ritchie White Orchestra here:

Check out the Facebook invite here: https://www.facebook.com/events/213064202229455.

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Some Music We Missed in 2013

While we’re waiting and working on some (hopefully) awesome shows for you in 2014, we thought we’d take a moment to mention some excellent records from last year that we overlooked in our best of. While record reviews have taken a backseat to booking/promoting shows here at The Other Side of Life, there’s still some great stuff we’d like to tell you about. So here goes…

LETHA RODMAN MELCHIOR, Handbook for Mortals LP (Siltbreeze)

Way back in the 1990s, Letha was one of the guitarists in Ruby Falls, which was one of our favorite bands. Since their untimely demise, she’s explored other musical regions, sometimes without guitar, under the name Tretam. This year, under her own name, she released Handbook for Mortals, and it’s fantastic. Inspired by what I would call the “quotidian audio collage” style of Graham Lambkin (whose Salmon Run is a classic in the not-quite-genre), there’s everything from re-appropriated musics by other composers, spoken dialogue that at least seems vérité, video game interludes, you name it, all carefully constructed with a fine balance of pathos and bathos.

Over the past two years, Letha’s been dealing with health issues related to cancer treatment, and with every sale of Handbook for Mortals, a portion of proceeds will be donated to her. You can also buy the album direct — as well as make a donation — here: http://melchiorfund.blogspot.com.

Additionally, if you’re in New York City, there’s a BENEFIT FOR LETHA RODMAN MELCHIOR this Saturday, January 18th at Secret Project Robot. Endless Boogie, Crystal Stilts, Love as Laughter, The Rogers Sisters (wow!), and more will be appearing — more information here: https://www.facebook.com/events/721038087915201.

CHRIS FORSYTH, Solar Motel LP (Paradise of Bachelors)

 We kinda slept on this one, not really sure why, but while it’s not our favorite “guitar band” record of the year (that’d probably be Time Off by Forsyth’s label mate Steve Gunn), it’s still really awesome. Imagine the members of Television trying to play alongside one of Glenn Branca’s guitar orchestra, attempting to steer the musical dialogue from sheer blistering-and-bludgeoning rock to delicate moments of melody. Something like that, yeah.

Chris Forsyth’s SOLAR MOTEL BAND will be in Louisville on Wednesday, February 19th — more details here soon as they become available!

HELADO NEGRO, Invisible Life 2LP (Asthmatic Kitty) —
One of our favorite electronic releases of the year, Helado Negro’s Invisible Life has been on constant rotation in our house since it came out last March. So why did we leave it off our best of? I have no idea. Stupid oversight, most likely. Sweet soul mixed with (almost) club bangers in a syrupy, sweaty stew. Hell, just the track “Dance Ghost” is worth the price of admission. Killer fun live show, too.

SIGHTINGS, Terribly Well LP (Dais) — We were with heavy heart when we heard that Sightings, one of our favorite New York bands of all time, called it quits in 2013. But if you’re gonna go out, might as well go out on top, and Sightings did with Terribly Well, their ninth album. Despite the many that try, there’s not many bands out there that really capture truly terrifying intensity — and in a post-Sightings world, we’re not sure anyone should even try.

COPPICE, Big Wad Excisions CD (Quakebasket) — The first release on Tim Barnes’ resurrected Quakebasket label (which you might remember from those incredible Angus MacLise reissues in the late 1990s) isn’t a reissue at all, but a new work by a Chicago electro-acoustic duo who put the whomp back in free improv. Highly recommended if you like early Merzbow, early Wolf Eyes, but not early mornings.

MDOU MOCTAR, Afelan LP (Sahel Sounds) — A late entry, because we slept on this July, 2013 release all the way until December, and we really wish we were tipped off earlier! Mdou Moctar’s Afelan has the heaviness we also heard in the debuts by Group Inerane and Bombino, recorded entirely live on location in Niger.


U.S. MAPLE, Long Hair in Three Stages LP (Skin Graft) — We’ll be honest: the first time we saw U.S. Maple play (at the Skin Graft “Irritational” in Chicago in January, 1995), we thought they were terrible. Couldn’t figure ’em out, honestly weren’t sure where they fit, even within the non-specific post-no wave aesthetic that Skin Graft was minin’ at the time. But then, a year or two later, it clicked and Long Hair in Three Stages was a must-have! The original 1995 LP was just about impossible to find, though, and even if you could find it, it had a pretty hefty price tag, since it came only in a sheet-metal sleeve. Thankfully, this past year the fine gentlemen at Skin Graft reissued the album, in multiple with-steel-or-without formats, so even if you weren’t there, you can pretend you were.

RODAN, Fifteen Quiet Years LP (Quarterstick)
LABRADFORD, Prazision LP 2LP (Kranky) —
Two of the most important bands to me in the early 1990s were Louisville’s Rodan, and Richmond, VA’s Labradford, and their debut records (1994’s Rusty and 1993’s Prazision LP, respectively) both have had a profound influence on how I think about music to this day. Fifteen Quiet Years compiles Rodan’s odds-and-sods, which — while certainly gratifying — exudes a melancholy sense of longing for what they could’ve achieved had they stayed together. Meanwhile, the Prazision LP reissue is a perfect re-casting of what was, for me, a gateway to entirely new sonic palettes. Both of these releases are essential!