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TROPICAL TRASH “UFO ROT” Record Release Party with INSECT POLICY and ECONO HEAD, Saturday, June 27th

UFO ROT release flier flat

Cropped Out and The Other Side of Life are proud to present:

UFO Rot Record Release Party

with special guests




Saturday, June 27th
at American Turner’s Club
3125 River Road
8 PM


Velvet lined steam roller tactics mean TROPICAL TRASH’s LP debut UFO Rot descends from the sky straight onto your brain stem. This is potent stuff, meant to be taken in controlled doses. Load the spoon full and heat up gradually. The band has existed for two previous 7”’s but really comes roaring out of the gate with black hat tales and some lineup changes. May very well be the album you use for whatever you do when you are not reading the internet. Instead of trace papering some shadow punks of previous dictatorships, these patriots pull the curtain back and show the emperor sporting some very exotic under carriage, and spew forth tales with cop stashes, Area 51 belly bloat, and new reconfigured mainframe math – this is the new form. Nine condensed blasts of well honed songcraft that really put them at the top of the heap of the rock heap, with paranoid punk, and an eagerness to melt it all down and make it into something bold and badass. Don’t sleep on this one comrade.

Watch the video for Tropical Trash’s “Fat Kid’s Wig,” directed by Robert Beatty, here:


econo head
“Pine daddy” [2010] by Jeff Bryant

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obnox flyer
(Flier by Jim Marlowe.)

The Other Side of Life is proud to present:




Sunday, April 26th
1004 E. Oak Street
Doors open at 8 PM
$7, 21+
Advance online tickets available here: https://squareup.com/market/the-other-side-of-life
Facebook invitation here: https://www.facebook.com/events/708868455888849/
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Riddle me this: who on Earth makes 15 top notch records in 5 years and stays as obscure as OBNOX monarch Bim Thomas? Not that there’s been no love at all—now that the man seemingly spent as much of 2014 on tour as off, and dropped blazetastic videos for “Red I” and “Molecule/How to Rob,” the spotlight is widening, and not just from the usual indie/undie blogs — the Washington-by-god-POST has seen fit to recognize the ‘Nox’s bulletproof alloy of Cleveland-by-god-Ohio’s two sturdiest musical ores: punk rock and soul. And maybe that right there’s why fame, Grammys and fat cash haven’t come a-knockin’ — ’Noxmusik is some potent, real, RAW shit, and the new drop, Boogalou Reed, isn’t going to win over any Future Islands fans to the cause. And that is what it is, but Thomas’ songwriting chops keep getting better and better. Boogalou Reed is home to soul satisfying gospel-psych like “I Climbed a Mountain,” skillet-to-the-face noise freakouts like “Proto-Pipe,” taut rockers like “Raven Slaughter Culture” and “All Hail the Deejay.” ‘Nox’s tunes just keep turning out SO DAMN GOOD, and if more people can’t hear that through the fuzzgrind, that’s really just too bad for them. But there’s no way rock ‘n’ roll this persuasive stays a secret forever. – Ron Kretsch

TROPICAL TRASH have caused quite a stir with their two 7″ records, Fear of Suffering, and Think Back Kick a Beer, both on Sophomore Lounge. Still Single describes TROPICAL TRASH as an “Excellent combination of thrashing energy and solid ideas that break apart and recombine in novel, tuneful ways.” Their debut full length record, UFO Rot, will be released by the venerable Load Records label on May 26th.

SICK VELVET are one hell of a fuzzed-out glam rock band from right here, Louisville, Kentucky!

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