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(GIF by Mikie Poland.)

The Other Side of Life is proud to present:




Monday, February 16th
8 PM, $7, ALL AGES!
Advance online tickets available here: http://www.ticketfly.com/event/767003-giving-up-life-partner-louisville/
Facebook invitation here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1575731622640753
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(Image courtesy Sophomore Lounge.)

Shacked up over a series of living-room recording sessions throughout the following years, longtime like-minds of GIVING UP, Jenny Rose, Sean Roth, and Mikie Poland stuck their heads down deep in a three-box inheritance of Grandma’s country western records, held hands, and inhaled. Suddenly, Ernest Tubb and Hank Snow shook hands with the Ben Weasel within. With little more than a few guitars, a small reed organ, a harmonica, a boom-box tape recorder, the trio wrote and recorded a string of arguably listenable demo tapes which would soon lead the way to a number of full-length records and split tapes.  With all that said and done, the breeze still blows. GIVING UP is still as charmingly raw as it was in its challengingly lo-fi stages of inception. The three friends are still friends, driving their Chevy to the levy and puking their proverbial guts out.

(Image courtesy Sophomore Lounge.)

The sagas explaining the origins of LIFE PARTNER vary, however the epic chiseled on a monolith unearthed behind Jefferson Mall remains pivotal amongst scholarship. According to the stone, the founding members of LIFE PARTNER crossed paths just outside of the great foyer of Jefferson Mall between Bacon’s and Man Alive. A young Patrick Hume had been in between jobs since the late 90’s and was filling in as Zangief the drummer in Street Fighter II: The Band, for a string of promotional shows at GameStop. Aaron Osbourne had been forced into a life of deception by a mounting ketamine addiction; disguised in corpse paint, he had been successfully billing himself as “Brian Dennehy: Unplugged” outside of Orange Julius. During a cover of “Life in the Fastlane” an enthusiastic fan of Dennehy’s character “Walter” in Cocoon exposed him to security. Security dropped Osbourne on the entry steps where Patrick had been informed that Blanka would be replacing him for the conclusion of the tour.
It is at this juncture where the inscriptions on the monolith become indecipherable. While the bulk of mainstream cryptographers believe the two bought a cube of Keystone and crashed at Aaron’s mom’s house, some rogue linguists vehemently argue that Per Yngve Ohlin and Oystein Aarseth descended on a bolt of lightning and taught them the ways of the dark lord.


NEIGHBOR of Louisville, Kentucky draws from punk, experimental and underground influences as well as classic soul, country and western to produce a unique breed of heavy American rock n’ roll. Recommended for fans of Big Business, Harvey Milk, and Motorhead. Featuring former and current members of Bu Hao Ting, Twenty First Century Fox, Waxeater, and ZCFOS.

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