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Lots of Shows This Weekend!

So we’re gonna tell you about a few things going on in Louisville over the next few days that are worth your attention. First, on Saturday night at Harley’s Main Street Tavern, Michigan’s Child Bite performs with locals Opposable Thumbs and Friends & Relatives. Here’s the flier:

Harley’s is located at 122 W. Main between 1st and 2nd Streets. Music gets underway around 10 PM and costs five bucks.

On Sunday our favorites PARLOUR play at the Chestnut House (714 East Chestnut Street, between Clay and Shelby) with Dischord recording artists Edie Sedgwick, Julie of the Wolves (a new band consisting of members of Venus Trap, Second Story Man, Minnow, The Frequent Sea, and Madame Machine) and Life at Home (Don’t know anything about them, unfortunately). Here’s another flier:

Also on Sunday at RYE (900 E. Market at the corner of Market and Campbell), Bro. Stephen plays with Joan Shelley. Cost for that one is $15, which includes food, and it starts at 7 PM.

Last but not least, on Monday Brooklyn noise merchants VAZ play Cahoot’s with Trophy Wives, Alcohol Party, and Neighbor. We’re seriously considering breaking our no-Cahoot’s rule for this one. Maybe we’ll see you there?

UPDATE: We knew we forgot something! There’s also another show on Sunday at Zanzabar with SOFTCHEQUE, Y/Y, and the Ecstatic Girth Survival Sextet. Or something. Info on the flier:

Rumor has it one band is TROPICAL TRASH-related, who killed it last Tuesday at Harley’s. So there’s that. Enjoy!


Cropped Out and The Other Side of Life present:
The Distonal.Com Launch Party with…

PSYCHEDELIC HORSESHIT (Columbus, OH; on Fat Cat Records)
NATIVES (Louisville, KY; on Rad Tantrum)
WET HAIR (Iowa City, IA; on Night-People/De Stijl)
(Louisville, KY; on Loin Seepage/Sophomore Lounge)

Tuesday, March 6th
122 W. Main (between 1st and 2nd Streets)
8 PM, $6, 21 and over.

This is the launch party for a new Louisville-based web publication called Distonal (from the creative forces that brought you the recently retired Decibel Tolls). In the words of the head honcho himself, Michael Powell:

Distonal is an online magazine spread across an anchored open source WordPress home and an accompanying Tumblr that will cover… well, whatever I feel like writing about. It’s the opposite of The Decibel Tolls in that regard, and it’s hard to say what will end up there, which excites me. The thread that binds everything, though, will be thoughtful and attitude-laden writing from myself and others (to be announced) that reaches toward broader universal topics, as well as articles that retain a strong commitment to the happenings of my native Louisville. I’ll still be reviewing records and photographing shows, but I may also drop some secret Bloggins curry recipes, March Madness picks, gastropub critiques, absurd manifestos, and my thoughts on the body politic. Distonal promises to be fluid and freeform, while brandishing a distinct voice all the while. It should go live sometime in late February, or early March at the latest. It’ll be a fun ride, and I hope you’ll follow me over there.

Check out the Facebook invite here: http://www.facebook.com/events/169598496483223. And like Distonal on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/distonal.

To join our email list, send an email to hstencil AT gmail DOT com.