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ENDLESS BOOGIE and JAYE JAYLE at Dreamland, Friday, August 29th

The Other Side of Life is proud to present:

ENDLESS BOOGIE (New York, NY; on No Quarter)


JAYE JAYLE (Louisville, KY)

Friday, August 29th

810 E. Market Street (in the alley behind Decca Restaurant)
Doors open at 8 PM
Advance tickets available here: http://www.ticketfly.com/event/646627-endless-boogie-louisville/
Facebook invitation here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1446790862260964
Recommended if you like: ZZ Top, Peter Green-era Fleetwood Mac

Message found on No Quarter‘s answering machine:

“Hey Mike-Thanks for sendin over the latest from ENDLESS BOOGIE. So ‘Long Island’ makes, what, their 7th trip around the vinyl horn? You gotta give it to’em, they’re style of blast don’t ever get old. I once seen Boog Powell in this post game, after he’d hit two dingers off the A’s, & the interviewer asked “do ya ever get tired of blastin’em over the fence”? Boog ruminated this for a second, gave way to scratchin his head, then locked eyes w/the natterin pipsqueak, smiled & said ‘NOPE”!. And look at him now? The king of Baltimore BBQ.

So I was thinkin ENDLESS BOOGIE is in the same class (okay, hold the Baltimore & hold the BBQ). Who don’t love’em? Mike, even GIRLS BUY THESE RECORDS. There ain’t no better testimonial to greatness than that! Let the pencil-neck ‘n fat bottomed crit boys yammer on about comparisons to Coloured Balls, Trad Gras, Velvets, etc. At the end of the day it’s the sonic stats that get pasted into ENDLESS BOOGIE‘s page of the Rock & Roll Almanac. And in them annals they’s battin 1000%. Pitchin’s solid to boot. So it seems a mystery to me why’s anyone would have to reach into the hyperbolic ether to pull down accurate tags. I mean, shit, ‘Long Island’ could almost be the second coming of ‘Brain Capers’. You know? I can see you makin that pissy- ass face of yours, & sure, a Mott The Hoople comparison is about as psychedelic as an onion. But you know who liked onions? Ollie fuckin Halsall for one. They say he ate his the same way Kevin Ayers breeze through life – pickled. Don’t think for uno momento that Norberto ‘Pappo’ Napolitano didn’t consume tons of the allium genus in his lifetime. The man ate’em slathered’em on grilled beef every day of his life liked it growed on trees! To say nothin of the band Troyka, whose member, Ron Lukawitski was THE originator of the Bloomin Onion. But that’s yrs ago, up to Edmonton, Alberta at a little place called Harry Hill’s where is was known as the ‘Puckered Fist’. I reckon they figured it was a well kept secret. How’s Outback Steakhouse come to….procure….the recipe is one of life’s great mysteries. Now I ain’t no licensed shaman but these ears don’t lie. And they’s insinuatin that ‘Long Island’ is chock full’ve more phenols ‘n flavonoids that you can shake a brace’ve Groundhogs albums at. And Mike? If you’s is still in the throes of menopause, I have it on good authority that Top Dollar’s voice is so witchy that it can destroy osteoclats, thus keepin them delicate bones of yours safe. The same was said about Ariel Bender’s back in the day too. But only when he was Luther Grosvenor. Tellin, don’t you think? Now pass the relish, I think I’m Patto.”

Roland Seward Woodbe
sent from the pay phone at Ding-Dong Dell’s
Scalp Level, Pa 2012

Fans of the aggressive cacophony of Louisville’s Young Widows may be surprised when frontman Evan Patterson’s restrained acoustic guitar greets them at the top of …It’s Jayle Time!, the debut full-length from Patterson’s singer-songwriter alter ego JAYE JAYLE. The record follows the eponymous protagonist through a fever dream of sex, booze, loneliness, and demons out on the barren range of New Mexico. In the studio, Patterson is joined by a loose assemblage of Louisville musicians that includes Jonathan Glen Wood (of Old Baby), Lowe Sutherland, Jim Marlowe (Tropical Trash/Astro Black Records) and more. Eschewing a traditional LP release, …It’s Jayle Time! will be released as a series of limited 7″ singles throughout 2014. First up is “Pull Me Back To Hell” b/w “Evil Windows”, out in January via Sophomore Lounge. Subsequent singles are expected to arrive thereafter through Hawthorne Street Records and Jade Tree.

To join our email list, send an email to louisvilleisdreamland@gmail.com.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DreamlandLouKY.
Twitter: @DREAMLANDLouKy.

The Best of 2013

After careful consideration, here’s my list of top albums this year, as well as some other commentary on music happenings. Enjoy!

1. Boards of Canada, Tomorrow’s Harvest (WARP)
2. WIRE, Change Becomes Us (Pink Flag)
3. Bombino, Nomad (Nonesuch)
4. Bill Orcutt, “Twenty Five Songs” (Palialia)
5. Run the Jewels, s/t (Fools Gold)
6. Zomes, Time Was (Thrill Jockey)
7. Marisa Anderson, Mercury (Mississippi/Change)
8. Endless Boogie, Long Island (No Quarter)
9. Daughn Gibson, Me Moan (Sub Pop)
10. Anwar Sadat, Gold (Sophomore Lounge)

Honorable mention: Matmos, The Marriage of True Minds (Thrill Jockey); The Dead C., Armed Courage (Ba Da Bing!), Jovonaes, Paranoia Makes a Crazy Gift (Sophomore Lounge); Steve Gunn, Time Off (Paradise of Bachelors); Call Back the Giants, “The Marianne” (Kye); Francisco Franco, s/t (New Images); Circuit Des Yeux, Overdue (Ba Da Bing!); Jaye Jayle, Jayle Time (unreleased); Glenn Jones, My Garden State (Thrill Jockey); Van Dyke Parks, Songs Cycled (Bella Union); Richard Youngs, Summer Through My Mind (Ba Da Bing!); Nathan Salsburg, Hard for to Win and Can’t be Won (No Quarter); Mammane Sani et son Orgue, La Musique Electronique du Niger (Sahel Sounds); Cian Nugent & the Cosmos, Born with the Caul (No Quarter).

Best Shows I Attended in 2013 (that I didn’t book):
1. Cropped Out Festival, Louisville, Kentucky — highlights being Mayo Thompson performing Corky’s Debt to His Father, Borbetomagus, Endless Boogie, The Endtables, Blues Control, Bill Orcutt & Chris Corsano, Superwolf, Montag, lots more.
2. Goblin and Zombi at the Varsity Theater, Minneapolis, MN.
3. Aaron Dilloway, Darin Gray & Raw Thug, Mike Shiflet, Jonathan Wood & Lowe Sutherland at the Louisville Experimental Festival.
4. Blondie and X at the Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN.
5. TIE — Run the Jewels and Bombino at Forecastle; Yo La Tengo at the Brown Theater, both in Louisville.

Worst Things to Happen in 2013: The deaths of Lou Reed, Ray Price, Zbigniew Karkowski, Bernard Parmegiani, Jim Hall, Junior Murvin, Richard Coughlan, Cheb i Sabbah, Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre, Chico Hamilton, Butch Warren, Philip Chevron, Wadih El Safi, Gypie Mayo, Lawrence Leighton Smith, Makoto Moroi, Isamu Jordan, Forrest, Prince Jazzbo, Jerry G. Bishop aka Svengoolie, Jackie Lomax, Mac Curtis, Jimmy Ponder, Lindsay Cooper, Pavlos Fyssas, Zulema, Tim Wright, George Duke, Willie Dunn, Zev Asher, Batile Alake, Eydie Gorme, Aube, Allen Lanier, Eyob Mekonnen, Marian McPartland, Bernard Vitet, T-Model Ford, Steve Berrios, Mike Farren, Joey Covington, Arturo Vega, Darondo, Johnny Smith, Fatai Rolling Dollar, Alastair Donaldson aka William Mysterious, Claudio Rocchi, Slim Whitman, Mary Love, Bobby “Blue” Bland, Puff Johnson, Alan Meyers, Chris Kelly, Jeff Hanneman, Cedric Brooks, Steve Martland, Ollie Mitchell, Ray Manzarek, Andy Johns, Don Blackman, Dean Drummond, Cordell Mosson, Storm Thorgerson, Chrissy Amphlett, Richie Havens, George Jones, Bobby Rogers, Alvin Lee, Peter Banks, Clive Burr, Bobby Smith, Hugh McCracken, Cecil Womack, Donald Byrd, Reg Presley, Rick Huxley, Shadow Morton, Tim Dog, Kevin Ayers, Damon Harris, Magic Slim, Cleotha Staples, Virgil Johnson, Richard Street, Nic Potter, Bobby Bennett, Steve Knight, Gregory Carroll, Leroy Bonner, Butch Morris, Patty Andrews, Ann Rabson, and probably many more that I’m forgetting. Rest in peace.

UPDATE, 12/24/2013: Rest in peace, Yusef Lateef, Diomedes Diaz, Björn J:son Lindh, Lord Infamous, David Richards, Herb Geller, and Ronnie Biggs.

UPDATE, 1/4/14: Rest in peace, David Wertman, Doe B, Benjamin Curtis, Wojciech Kilar, Jay Traynor, Al Porcino, Phil Everly, and Rita MacNeil (thanks to Alexander Campbell for informing me of her music).

CROPPED OUT 2013 Announced!

I have to admit, last year’s CROPPED OUT Festival would be difficult for anyone, much less our fearless friends and heroes, to top. Jandek, Eugene Chadbourne (yes, people born after 1970 know who he is), Neil Hamburger, The Ritchie White Orchestra, Merchandise, Papa M, and Wooden Wand were just some of the many, many memorable performances of the weekend (and by memorable, I also mean I won’t ever forget seeing that naked guy from Guerilla Toss, no matter how much I try!). Following up last year’s fest is on a magnitude with winning the NCAA basketball tournament two years in a row…

So it’s even more surprising that not only did our CROPPED OUT pals not blow it this year as the musical equivalent of the first round of the NIT (heh heh), but, to mix sports metaphors, they knocked it OUT OF THE PARK yet again this year! This year’s CROPPED OUT lineup (with picks to click in bold):

Mayo Thompson And The Corky’s Debt Band performing Corky’s Debt To His Father
Endless Boogie
The Endtables
Wolf Eyes
Blues Control
Shit And Shine
Bill Orcutt/Chris Corsano
Hair Police
Human Eye
Spray Paint
Watery Love
Steve Gunn
Cop City Chill Pillars
Salad Influence
Jaye Jayle
Kal Marks
Asm A Tik
Tom Blacklung & The Smokestacks
Thee Open Sex
Today’s Hits
New England Patriots
Quail Bones
White Reaper
Spelling Bee

I’ve been assured that plenty more surprises are on the way, so vote early, vote often! Er… buy your tickets now! Here’s the details:

Two-day combo passes (which include Friday and Saturday, but not Sunday’s separate closing party) are on sale now at Astro Black Records and online. There will be a limited amount of combo passes available for the almost inconsequential amount of $35, and once those are gone, you can still purchase them in advance for the very reasonable price of $40. Day-of-show combo passes are $50, so save a few shekels and purchase them now!

PURCHASE TWO-DAY PASSES HERE: http://ticketf.ly/1ap5Kee

The closing party, which will be headlined by Lambchop, will be a more intimate affair, and located off the festival grounds at the incredible and historic Workhouse Ballroom, a semi-secret, pre-Civil War manmade cavern. Referred to locally as “The Cave,” it once served as a debtor’s prison, and is a wonderous place to see a musical performance. Consider it a kind of wind-down from the insanity of the weekend. It’s ticketed separately, so if you want to catch Nashville’s finest, along with a TBD support act, be sure to pick up a ticket.




Monday, February 18th at 10 PM – ?


Special taps + drink deals, Endless Boogie promo giveaways, and most importantly THE NEW ENDLESS BOOGIE LP will be spinnin’ all night! There’ll be copies for sale from sexy purveyors of the finest sounds ASTRO BLACK RECORDS.

Listen to the first single, “Taking out the Trash,”  from Long Island here: https://soundcloud.com/noquarterrex/taking-out-the-trash.


Facebook invite with address and all that jazz here: http://www.facebook.com/events/310108569109768.

Thanks to our friends at No Quarter.

Endless Boogie, Full House Head (No Quarter)

My review of Endless Boogie‘s new album appeared in today’s edition of LEO Weekly. Read it here:

It’s no minor achievement that Endless Boogie’s new album, Full House Head, appears only two years after their official debut. Uninterested in the careerism of the rest of the indie music community, Endless Boogie had been jamming in their Lower East Side practice space for years before they were persuaded almost a decade ago to play their first show. Their patience pays off in the cohesiveness of Full House Head. Their sophomore effort shows no signs of slumping, as these tunes are even sharper than those on Focus Level. That said, there’s still plenty of sprawling heavy guitar rock, with solos aplenty, recorded in beautifully crisp high fidelity. The lone exception being the wonderfully messy “A Life Worth Leaving,” a 22-minute side-long closer culled from a practice tape.

Buy it direct from No Quarter.

Boogie Knight — Paul Major on Toy Tiger, Hikes Point and points beyond

(Photo by Jeff Winterberg)

A short interview I conducted with the one-and-only Top Dollar, aka Paul Major of Endless Boogie, ran in this week’s LEO Weekly. Check it out here:

Louisville native, record dealer and guitar genius Paul Major of Endless Boogie chats with LEO Weekly about growing up in Louisville and about Endless Boogie’s second full-length record, Full House Head, due out July 20.

LEO: Talk a little bit about what memories you have of Louisville, especially concerts you saw or buying records.

Paul Major: One of my earliest memories is the sadly gone Toy Tiger sign at Bardstown Road and Goldsmith Lane. I grew up near there. I was in grade school (when) I heard my first fuzz guitars in 1966. As a kid, I went nuts, and my entire gear shifted. So every Saturday with my lawn-mowing money, I’d head up Bardstown Road and go to the head shops and the used record stores. Like Rivertown Records, I remember being one of the first ones. Just went up there and bought every obscure, weird-looking record I saw that might simulate what it was like to be trippin’ out. I remember getting my first copy of (the 13th Floor Elevators’) Easter Everywhere for 27 cents.

But the main difference back then was radio. That was a time when every genre of music competed on Top 40 radio, and you’d hear Deep Purple next to Frank Sinatra next to the Mamas & the Papas next to Claudine Longet. I remember that (Texas International recording artist) Bubble Puppy had a No. 1 hit in Louisville with “Hot Smoke and Sassafras,” and that was kind of a dud elsewhere. I used to sit with the AM transistor radio with little notebooks, and I had all these different categories for tones of the fuzz guitars.

LEO: Tell us about the new record, Full House Head. It’s not a huge departure from the first Endless Boogie record, Focus Level, which means it’s a good rock record.

PM: (One difference with Full House Head), it builds up a little bit with the guitar parts. It’s a little more just being totally spontaneous, but then throwing in some other stuff, with a couple of catchier numbers on there. It’s on No Quarter, so we’re looking forward to that. I just saw the cover art when I got back from Europe. People that have heard it so far are enthusiastic. (It’s an) all-time record for Endless Boogie: only two years to get something done.

Full House Head comes out on July 20th, on No Quarter. The full transcript of the interview will be posted soon.

ENDLESS BOOGIE and CROSS at the SWAN DIVE Thursday, September 24

ENDLESS BOOGIE (New York, on No Quarter)
CROSS (Lexington)

Thursday, September 24
The Swan Dive

921 Swan Street
9 PM, $6, 21 and over


ENDLESS BOOGIE began with no delusions of grandeur. They started off as an “old mans hobby” – just dudes jamming on riffs, locking into grooves, finding that transcendental part of a song and stretching it into eternity. Then they were offered a show. They played more shows. They self-released two very limited 12”s and were called the best kept secret in New York by Paper magazine. They toured with Dungen and Circle and were invited by Slint to play All Tomorrows Parties. What more needs to be said? Well, actually, here’s a couple of things: ENDLESS BOOGIE is a “nonstop stoner-rock delight” (David Fricke, Rolling Stone). Also, ENDLESS BOOGIE is “the best heavy-minimalism rock band in New York… [with] enough guitar loudness to make it as heavy as the Great Boston Molasses Tragedy of 1919” (Joel Hunt, Baltimore City Paper).


Based out of Lexington, CROSS is comprised of MA Turner and R Clint Colburn. CROSS started playing music together directly after guitarist MA Turner’s group Warmer Milks dissolved in early Spring 2009 and immediately went on a bi-coastal U.S. tour. Currently working on their first full length record, CROSS live at the Rat Vex house in Lexington’s north end where both members draw on the walls and listen to records.

Check out the Facebook invite: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=126239187860.

For more information, check https://othersideoflife.wordpress.com/upcoming-events. To join our email list, send an email to hstencil@gmail.com.