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NAT BALDWIN (of Dirty Projectors), PILLARS AND TONGUES, and TWIN LIMB at DREAMLAND, Sunday, June 1st

The Other Side of Life is proud to present:

NAT BALDWIN (Brooklyn, NY; on Western Vinyl)


TWIN LIMB (Louisville, KY)


Sunday, June 1st

810 E. Market Street (in the alley behind Decca Restaurant)
Doors open at 8 PM, $10
Advance tickets available here: https://www.ticketfly.com/event/583757-nat-baldwin-louisville/

(photo by Lindsay Metivier.)

After studying avant-garde jazz and improvisation with jazz legend Anthony Braxton, NAT BALDWIN started writing songs featuring double bass and vocals.  In 2005 he joined Dirty Projectors.  In addition to his work with Dirty Projectors, he has performed on Grizzly Bear’s Shields, Vampire Weekend’s Contra, and Department of Eagles’ In Ear Park. His new record, In The Hollows, is his followup to 2011’s People Changes. Despite his busy schedule recording and touring as the bass player for Dirty Projectors, Nat found time to write and record his most soulful and ambitious collection of songs to date. “…whether BALDWIN is singing with his throat or his bow, there’s a thrilling felling of freedom to it all.” – Pitchfork.

Listen to the title track from In the Hollows here:

Watch a live video of the title track from In the Hollows here:



Although from Chicago, Beth Remis, Ben Babbitt, and Mark Trecka of PILLARS AND TONGUES have spent much of the last few years traveling, performing music in a wide variety of contexts, exploring the severe and sublime landscapes of America, and returning to or refusing to return to variations on the theme of home . . . The work allies with the darker, stranger side of the pop realm, evoking the drama and atmosphere of Dead Can Dance, and the art-prog experimentation of Peter Gabriel’s 4. [H]armonium and violin blend with enveloping synths, undulating loops and gated rhythms of hazy origin. Pitchfork conceded in 2010 that “it’s difficult to talk about influences or genres with PILLARS AND TONGUES, and almost as hard to talk about their sound.” And The Chicago Tribune has said that the group “defies easy categorization, unless you’re looking in that bin marked ‘essential.”  While affinities may be noted with contemporaries like Julia Holter, Liars, and others working creatively with tone, texture, and ambience, in the context of voice-driven songwriting, PILLARS AND TONGUES cuts a singular path through the contemporary musical landscape.

Listen to End Dances by PILLARS AND TONGUES here: http://emptycellarrecords.bandcamp.com/album/end-dances

Watch videos of PILLARS AND TONGUES here:
“Points of Light” by Randy Sterling Hunter http://vimeo.com/76863229
“Knifelike” by David Sampson http://vimeo.com/74683874
“Dogs” live in Santa Fe by At 7000 http://vimeo.com/49461709


twin limb

“[TWIN LIMB are a ] dog friendly chamber folk duo. They’d be like the wedding band in a universe contained within an Edvard Munch painting.” -Alex Glasnovic

“I’ll be real: I have no idea what TWIN LIMB sounds like. I can tell you based on the above picture that they will feature ladies, probably of the singing variety, and an accordion, but I can’t tell you anything beyond that. So I’ll make it up. Hailing from an alternate reality where accordions are the universal language, TWIN LIMB are the heroes of their dimension. Originally high school do-nothings, the two were met by a lovable, time traveling so-and-so who via a series of misadventures involving the duo themselves time traveling, taught the pair to “be excellent to each other.” This wisdom was imparted on the world after the great Battle of the Bands that TWIN LIMB won, at which time hover boards and jet packs were widely distributed to the citizens of Earth that everyone may be equally radical. Twin Limb were stranded on our plane of existence shortly after they defeated the quantum bear invasion of 2028, and hope that through their gift of excellence to the planet that they can find a way home.” –Never Nervous, 11/5/13

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