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Sic Alps and CROSS at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, Friday, October 19th

LEO Weekly ran my preview today of Friday’s upcoming Sic Alps and CROSS show at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft (scroll down to Friday’s entry):

Friday, Oct. 19
Sic Alps
Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft
715 W. Main St.
$6-$8; 8 p.m.

Sic Alps have a not-unpleasant tendency to sound like scraps of an overheard conversation interrupted by a 10-car pileup. To perhaps understand the stops and starts, the utterly lo-fi, heavily fragmented style, know that frontman (and only constant) Mike Donovan drives a cab in San Francisco when he’s not touring. On their new album, the new lineup ditches noisy home recording techniques in favor of a clear, crisp style (including some string arrangements), and the result is like graduating from The Crying of Lot 49 to Gravity’s Rainbow. While former versions have been mystifying, enjoyable and unique, this new recorded version is more cohesive, expansive and epic — without being yawnsome “epic rock.” However, expect a white-hot live performance — their set at the 2010 Cropped Out festival was one of the more blazing moments. —Joel Hunt

Not sure why mention of Lexington’s excellent CROSS was excised, but they’ll be opening the show. Their new album, Die Forever, is now available from Sophomore Lounge.

Also, you can stream Sic Alps’ new self-titled album here: http://www.spin.com/articles/hear-sic-alps-fantastic-studio-recorded-self-titled-lp.

A CROPPED OUT Summary: Or Louisville’s Best Music Weekend Ever

Hey Louisville, if you weren’t at CROPPED OUT at some point during this past weekend, you really missed something quite special. It wasn’t just that there were a buncha noisy, arty bands and rock n’ roll and whatnot. There was actually a quite palpable community spirit, evidenced by the smiles, high-fives, and general fun it seemed that most everybody had. Didn’t hurt that some of the best weather of the fall made it possible for lots of bands to play outside, too. So here’s a quick rundown of best parts of the festival, complete with crappy pictures from my cellphone.

DAY 1 — FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 11th: Though it got started way early on Friday afternoon, and there was some noise issues early on, Friday was a good start, especially for the Louisville bands on the bill. SAVAGES played immediately after LEARNER DANCER, both of which brought forceful, guitar-heavy rock (the former more in a pop vein, while the latter mined some heavy Sonic Youth-style dissonant territory).


One of the early Friday highlights was, of course, Louisville’s SHEDDING (disclaimer: Connor and I are buds, but even if we weren’t, I’d still love his music). Despite his talk of being influenced by RUSH, Connor really brought more of a CURRENT 93 vibe, perfectly mellow yet eerie.

Shit & Shine

Another Friday highlight was Austin, Texas’s SHIT & SHINE, which featured none other than the BUTTHOLE SURFERS’ KING COFFEY on percussion. Tribal, BOREDOMS-esque throb with synth squiggles and CB radio nonsense. Totally fun.

Other Friday night highlights included (in no particular order):
1. apologizing to KING COFFEY for talking his ear off at SxSW ’07
2. MOUNT CARMEL — and the revelation afterwards that KING has never seen ZZ TOP!
3. bonfires (more on them later)
4. hangin’ with MV + EE‘s dog Zuma
5. SHIT & SHINE‘s bunny suits
6. MV + EE singing “Fire on the Mountain” at the end of a fantastic set backed by TIM BARNES and CHRIS from the CHERRY BLOSSOMS (thanks for the beers!)
7. Locals ALCOHOL PARTY, NATIVES, ANWAR SADAT, and AXEL COOPER showing how it’s done
8. Chorizo taco from the Holy Mole Taco Truck
9. Good times with friends old and new
10. Beer

DAY 2 — SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12th: Saturday started inauspiciously as I showed up to the venue, the CRUMMY DEN, way early, so I wandered over to the FLEA OFF MARKET (where I bought an excellent book of photography from Louisville Hardcore’s poet laureate, Mr. BRETT EUGENE RALPH), then had lunch at the Blind Pig. Missed most of the early sets due to some errands I had to run, but caught a little bit of VIDEO DAUGHTER, who were okay.

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CROPPED OUT is coming up…

We haven’t had too much to say about the upcoming CROPPED OUT festival, on the weekend of November 11th – 13th here in lovely Louisville, Kentucky, because it seems like it’s all anybody can talk about anyway! I mean, can you believe freakin’ SCRATCH ACID is gonna play?* Me neither, and I’m really stoked!

But the CROPPED OUT fest is far more than just one band. It’s a whole mess of ’em! Including some of our favorite performers ever:

  • BILL ORCUTT, former guitarist for HARRY PUSSY, and one of the most exciting purveyors of six-string nonsense (even though he only plays four strings, apparently) going today.
  • MV + EE, the duo of Matt Valentine (formerly of THE TOWER RECORDINGS) and Erika Elder is probably the closest you’ll get to seeing Neil Young live, except perhaps even more damaged. And rumor has it that former TOWER RECORDINGS member TIM BARNES will be joining them!
  • MOUNT CARMEL is probably our favorite of the new SILTBREEZE roster — straight-ahead Ohio-style boogie rock!
  • HUMAN EYE might possibly be the best rock band in Detroit right now. Period.

And there’s a whole slew more, including lots of shit we’ve never heard of before! And a bevy of fantastic local artists, including our friends SAPAT, YOUNG WIDOWS, SHEDDING, COLISEUM, CROSS, and lots more!

They got a new web site up at http://croppedoutmusic.com, so check it out and buy your tickets ASAP.** It’s gonna be killer!

*On a side note, how come nobody got it together to bring THE JESUS LIZARD to Louisville during their recent reunion action? Just because Laura Shine has no idea who they are doesn’t mean they weren’t one of the most popular Chicago-style bands to play in Louisville during the 1990s. Our excuse for not booking them is, well, we were too poor to afford their guarantee (as if our shoe-string show budget wasn’t obvious).

**Seriously Louisville, if you sleep on this like you slept on TERRASTOCK 2008, you only have yourself to blame. The prices are good, the venue is centrally located, and if you miss it…

DISCLAIMER: We are buds with Ryan and James who are booking/promoting CROPPED OUT, and we think they’re awesome! We do occasionally co-promote shows with ’em but that’s only because they rule!

ENDLESS BOOGIE and CROSS at the SWAN DIVE Thursday, September 24

ENDLESS BOOGIE (New York, on No Quarter)
CROSS (Lexington)

Thursday, September 24
The Swan Dive

921 Swan Street
9 PM, $6, 21 and over


ENDLESS BOOGIE began with no delusions of grandeur. They started off as an “old mans hobby” – just dudes jamming on riffs, locking into grooves, finding that transcendental part of a song and stretching it into eternity. Then they were offered a show. They played more shows. They self-released two very limited 12”s and were called the best kept secret in New York by Paper magazine. They toured with Dungen and Circle and were invited by Slint to play All Tomorrows Parties. What more needs to be said? Well, actually, here’s a couple of things: ENDLESS BOOGIE is a “nonstop stoner-rock delight” (David Fricke, Rolling Stone). Also, ENDLESS BOOGIE is “the best heavy-minimalism rock band in New York… [with] enough guitar loudness to make it as heavy as the Great Boston Molasses Tragedy of 1919” (Joel Hunt, Baltimore City Paper).


Based out of Lexington, CROSS is comprised of MA Turner and R Clint Colburn. CROSS started playing music together directly after guitarist MA Turner’s group Warmer Milks dissolved in early Spring 2009 and immediately went on a bi-coastal U.S. tour. Currently working on their first full length record, CROSS live at the Rat Vex house in Lexington’s north end where both members draw on the walls and listen to records.

Check out the Facebook invite: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=126239187860.

For more information, check https://othersideoflife.wordpress.com/upcoming-events. To join our email list, send an email to hstencil@gmail.com.

Just Announced! Lexington’s CROSS to open for ENDLESS BOOGIE 9/24


Exciting new Lexington, Kentucky band CROSS will open for ENDLESS BOOGIE at the Swan Dive, Thursday September 24th (click the link for more information about the show).

Here’s the “official” CROSS bio:

Based out of Lexington, CROSS is comprised of MA Turner and R Clint Colburn. CROSS started playing music together directly after guitarist MA Turner’s group Warmer Milks dissolved in early Spring 2009 and immediately went on a bi-coastal U.S. tour. Currently working on their first full length record, CROSS live at the Rat Vex house in Lexington’s north end where both members draw on the walls and listen to records.

CROSS just completed a cross-country tour with Castanets, and their performance with ENDLESS BOOGIE will be their Louisville debut! You can listen to some of their tunes at their MySpace site, http://www.myspace.com/foreverintothecross or at their blog at http://tombstonegravy.blogspot.com.