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CROPPED OUT 2013 Announced!

I have to admit, last year’s CROPPED OUT Festival would be difficult for anyone, much less our fearless friends and heroes, to top. Jandek, Eugene Chadbourne (yes, people born after 1970 know who he is), Neil Hamburger, The Ritchie White Orchestra, Merchandise, Papa M, and Wooden Wand were just some of the many, many memorable performances of the weekend (and by memorable, I also mean I won’t ever forget seeing that naked guy from Guerilla Toss, no matter how much I try!). Following up last year’s fest is on a magnitude with winning the NCAA basketball tournament two years in a row…

So it’s even more surprising that not only did our CROPPED OUT pals not blow it this year as the musical equivalent of the first round of the NIT (heh heh), but, to mix sports metaphors, they knocked it OUT OF THE PARK yet again this year! This year’s CROPPED OUT lineup (with picks to click in bold):

Mayo Thompson And The Corky’s Debt Band performing Corky’s Debt To His Father
Endless Boogie
The Endtables
Wolf Eyes
Blues Control
Shit And Shine
Bill Orcutt/Chris Corsano
Hair Police
Human Eye
Spray Paint
Watery Love
Steve Gunn
Cop City Chill Pillars
Salad Influence
Jaye Jayle
Kal Marks
Asm A Tik
Tom Blacklung & The Smokestacks
Thee Open Sex
Today’s Hits
New England Patriots
Quail Bones
White Reaper
Spelling Bee

I’ve been assured that plenty more surprises are on the way, so vote early, vote often! Er… buy your tickets now! Here’s the details:

Two-day combo passes (which include Friday and Saturday, but not Sunday’s separate closing party) are on sale now at Astro Black Records and online. There will be a limited amount of combo passes available for the almost inconsequential amount of $35, and once those are gone, you can still purchase them in advance for the very reasonable price of $40. Day-of-show combo passes are $50, so save a few shekels and purchase them now!

PURCHASE TWO-DAY PASSES HERE: http://ticketf.ly/1ap5Kee

The closing party, which will be headlined by Lambchop, will be a more intimate affair, and located off the festival grounds at the incredible and historic Workhouse Ballroom, a semi-secret, pre-Civil War manmade cavern. Referred to locally as “The Cave,” it once served as a debtor’s prison, and is a wonderous place to see a musical performance. Consider it a kind of wind-down from the insanity of the weekend. It’s ticketed separately, so if you want to catch Nashville’s finest, along with a TBD support act, be sure to pick up a ticket.




Cropped Out and The Other Side of Life are proud to present:

INSECT FACTORY (Silver Spring, MD)
mAAs (Louisville, KY; duo of Tim Barnes and Connor Bell)

Wednesday, July 24th
2227 S. Preston
7 PM, $6


INSECT FACTORY is music from Silver Spring, MD musician Jeff Barsky. INSECT FACTORY focuses on texture and mood, building layers of dense sounds that slowly evolve into hypnotic and atmospheric drones. Since the 90’s, Barsky has continuously played in bands and improvisational collectives, and has performed frequently on the east coast of the U.S., and also in Canada, throughout Europe, and Japan. Barsky’s projects have shared the stage with acts as diverse as Richard Pinhas, Nels Cline, Lungfish, and Carla Bozulich, and he has performed at the Suoni Il Per Popolo festival in Montreal, Terrastock ’08 in Louisville, KY, and D.C.’s Sonic Circuits, Queering Sound, and Fringe Festivals. In later 2011, INSECT FACTORY released a split 7″ with RST (New Zealand), and followed it up with the Melodies from a Dead Radio LP (Fabrica/Insectfields) in early 2012. Most recently, INSECT FACTORY appeared alongside Six Organs of Admittance and Charalambides on “For Lee Jackson in Space”, a gargantuan online compilation benefitting ALS Research. “Music that evokes the feel of a plane ride through the clouds and the
surreal world of dreams…INSECT FACTORY‘s music grows with repeated listens.” – The Wire.

mAAs is the duo of Louisville musicians Connor Bell (also of Shedding) and Tim Barnes. Louisville resident and drummer extraordinaire, the list of Tim Barnes‘s collaborators is too long to list here, but it includes Jim O’Rourke, Silver Jews, Neil Michael Hagerty and the Howling Hex, The Tower Recordings, and countless others. Most recently, Tim Barnes played drums with the resurrected lineup of The For Carnation, as well as with MV+EE at Cropped Out in November, 2011. Connor Bell has released several items over the years under the name Shedding, available at Ocio and Hometapes, all of which is meditative and still, eerie and unsettling — yet with a spectacular sense of melody. This performance marks their debut as mAAs, an electronic duo.

PUBLIC SPEAKING is the music of Brooklyn solo artist Jason Anthony Harris. Utilizing found objects, radio, tape recorder, and vocoder, he pores over pedals to loop, warp and augment these sources. He sings on his knees, in a semi-circle of these devices and percussive clutter. The result is a soulful and rhythmically dense experimental music. His performances are highly improvisational, with an emphasis on immediacy and site-specific actions.

Find the Facebook invite here: https://www.facebook.com/events/115066718668495.

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Cropped Out and The Other Side of Life are proud to help present:



OPPOSABLE THUMBS (Louisville, KY; on Gubbey Records)

Friday, July 19th
1004 E. Oak Street
9:30 PM, 21-and-over, $5
Please note: Lisa’s Oak Street Lounge accepts CASH ONLY!

(photo of JULIE OF THE WOLVES by Tim Furnish)

JULIE OF THE WOLVES formed in September of 2011 and includes members of Madame Machine, The Frequent Sea, Second Story Man, Venus Trap, Minnow, and The Red Nails.  They’re one of the most exciting new bands in Louisville at the moment, and if you haven’t seen them play yet (with other great bands such as Old Baby, Freakwater, Black God, and the Hal Dolls), now’s your chance! This show is also a fundraiser to help them finance their new record!

OPPOSABLE THUMBS is “part party and part sweated garage rock… Every instrument is as key and in your face; none overtake the order of the chaos being preached. It’s stripped down post-punk that has a almost considerable dance to it. Not dance rock; fuck that. This digs into late 70s/early 80s vibes… This band seems to me to be a perfect culmination of a history of Louisville’s crud rock scene rolled together and spit out. The unhinged destruction of convention still exists pounded through a discipline that keeps the songs together and groovy.” — American Gloam.

Watch OPPOSABLE THUMBS‘ video for the song “Hello Babies” off their self-titled debut album here:

Check out the Facebook invite here: https://www.facebook.com/events/355950267860188.

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WIRE and NATIVES at THE CLIFTON CENTER, Thursday, July 18th

Cropped Out and The Other Side of Life are proud to present:

WIRE (London, UK; on pinkflag)


NATIVES (Louisville, KY)

Thursday, July 18th
at The Clifton Center Eifler Theater
2117 Payne Street
Louisville, KY 40206
General admission, no reserve seating
$15 advance tickets available online at http://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/294901 and at ASTRO BLACK RECORDS, 930 Baxter Avenue; $20 day-of-show

Yes. That WIRE. The seminal English band that influenced everyone from the Minutemen to My Bloody Valentine, from R.E.M. to Minor Threat. From their 1977 debut album Pink Flag to the band’s most recent album, 2013’s Change Becomes Us, legendary art-combo WIRE have created a unique body of work. Subverting genres, Colin Newman, Graham Lewis, Robert Grey and Matthew Simms continue to work on new material, regularly confounding expectations. The Louisville stop on their summer tour will be their only appearance in the region, as well as their first time playing anywhere in Kentucky. If you’re at all a fan of music in the post-punk era, you won’t want to miss this!

NATIVES are a catchy, tough, psychedelic punk band from Louisville, KY. This is their second show with a new, powerful lineup. You can listen to their self-released debut from 2011, Loose Secrets, here: http://ntvs.bandcamp.com/.

Check out the Facebook invite here: https://www.facebook.com/events/507411519313407.

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Cropped Out and The Other Side of Life are proud to present:

GLENN JONES (from Massachusetts, founder of CUL DE SAC; on Thrill Jockey)
NATHAN SALSBURG (from Louisville, KY; on No Quarter)
NATHAN BOWLES (from Virginia, member of PELT, PIGEONS, and the BLACK TWIG PICKERS; on Soft Abuse)

Thursday, July 11th
2227 S. Preston
7 PM, $6

Glenn Jones by Jesse Sheppard - GlennGarden 3

GLENN JONES is a unique voice working in the decades-long tradition of American Primitivism. What sets him apart from the many devotees to this style is the combination of expressive playing and technical skill, most significantly his inventive use of alternate tunings and partial capos. As anyone knows who has seen him perform, Glenn is a remarkable storyteller, and his songs reflect that talent. The songs on Glenn’s latest, My Garden State, are evocative and redolent, and serve as a testament to Glenn’s talent for conveying a wide array of emotions, many times in one song, without saying a word. My Garden State was written in the New Jersey home where Glenn’s family moved in 1966, while he was caring for his mother who suffers from Alzheimer’s. My Garden State was recorded by Laura Baird in Allentown, NJ. Laura joins Glenn on the first proper song, “Across the Tappan Zee” on banjo, interweaving her plaintive melodies with Glenn’s gentle picking. Laura’s sister Meg, who was a founding member of Espers and plays with Laura as The Baird Sisters, also joins in on the final minutes of “Going Back to East Montgomery,” an eight minute long composition that showcases Glenn’s ability to craft a long form piece that is at once expansive and immediate. The songs on My Garden State could have been written by no one except Glenn Jones, brimming joy, sorrow, and the complex in-between that makes life worth living.

Read more about GLENN JONES at NPR Music here: http://www.npr.org/artists/142890578/glenn-jones.

NATHAN SALSBURG is an archivist, producer, guitarist, and writer based in Louisville, Kentucky. Since 2000 he has worked for the Alan Lomax Archive, for which he currently serves in the capacity of Curator, compiling and producing album releases of the renowned folklorist’s recordings, and managing the Archive’s online audio, photo, and video catalogs, and its popular YouTube channel. Salsburg has also produced archival releases for the Grammy-winning Tompkins Square label, and he curates the Twos & Fews imprint of Chicago’s Drag City record company. As an acoustic guitarist, he has released two critically acclaimed albums — a duet with Chicago’s James Elkington, entitled Avos (Tompkins Square, 2011) and a solo record called Affirmed (No Quarter, 2011) — and has appeared on WNYC Radio’s “Soundcheck” program and in NPR’s “Tiny Desk Concert” series. No Quarter will release his second solo album, Hard For to Win and Can’t Be Won, in Autumn 2013. He maintains an index of online vernacular music resources and writing on traditional and folk music at his blog: roothogordie.wordpress.com

NATHAN BOWLES is a musician and teacher living in the mountains of southwestern Virginia.  He and his bandmates in the Black Twig Pickers steep themselves in local traditions of Appalachian folk music and dance. In December of 2011 he holed up for a couple of days at Black Dirt Studios to record and mix his first solo banjo record, all performed on a handmade 5-string banjo built by his friend Greg Galbraith at Buckeye Banjos.  Over about 7 hours and a bottle of Elmer T. Lee, he laid down the material for A Bottle, A Buckeye, which was released on LP in 2012 by Soft Abuse.

Check out the Facebook invite here: https://www.facebook.com/events/509306829118565.

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UPDATE, 7/8/13: You can watch GLENN JONES play at NPR‘s Tiny Desk Concert series here: http://www.npr.org/event/music/145511760/glenn-jones-tiny-desk-concert.


Cropped Out and The Other Side of Life present:

THE LADYBIRDS (Louisville, KY)
THE SHEIKS (Memphis, TN)

Saturday, June 15th
2126 S. Preston
9 PM, $6, 21-and-over!

Depending on whom you ask, Jack “Oblivian” Yarber is either a rock legend or an absolute unknown. This dichotomy is well-understood by Memphis musicians, as underground “fame,” for all its rewards, has, with a few exceptions, been the ceiling for local acts for decades. And no one knows this dichotomy better than JACK OBLIVIAN, who may be Memphis’ most influential active rock musician. The list of noteworthy bands Yarber has been a member of over the years is massive and includes Johnny Vomit & the Dry Heaves (a high school punk project that also featured future Squirrel Nut Zipper Jimbo Mathus), new-wavers the End, ’68 Comeback, Knaughty Knights, and Tav Falco’s Panther Burns. Two of Yarber’s former bands — the Compulsive Gamblers and the Oblivians — have seen their reputation and following swell in the decade since their demise, especially the Oblivians, whose international fan base borders on rabid. Due largely to his stint in these bands, both partnerships with Greg Cartwright, now of the Reigning Sound, Yarber has been an acknowledged influence on artists such as the White Stripes, the Hives, and Jay Reatard.

(Photo of The Ladybirds by Eddie Dant)

THE LADYBIRDS masterfully balance a mean juggling act. The Louisville, KY-based five-piece — Jaxon Swain, Max Balliet, Anthony Fossaluzza, Brett Holsclaw, and Sarah Teeple — articulately summons greasy garage rock and lush Spector pop sans kitsch or tribute act fluff. Their main influences are the years 1954 to 1973, when it was just about fun and swingin’ grooves, not the droll, heavy-handed, over-serious approach to songwriting oft employed in the contemporary American underground. Their 2007 debut, Whiskey & Wine, was well received in the region, and saw the group sharing the stage with the likes of Wanda Jackson, Dex Romweber Duo, Heavy Trash, The Greenhornes, and many more. The Ladybirds’ sophomore album, Shimmy Shimmy Dang, as demonstrated in the title, is truth in advertising. Flavors of surf, rockabilly, doo wop, and dusty retro bubblegum pop all take a front seat. Yet, as Jaxon explains “we’re all punk rockers in the end.” And that’s what separates THE LADYBIRDS from a simple nostalgia offering – modern and original twists on familiar sounds, influence by the genres the band describes as “rock at its most authentic.”

THE SHEIKS are a three piece from Memphis via Mississippi. Check out their album Witches + Mystics here: http://thesheiks901.bandcamp.com/.

Check out the Facebook invite here: https://www.facebook.com/events/541421309233048.

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Cropped Out and The Other Side of Life are proud to present:

DAUGHN GIBSON (Carslile, PA; on Sub Pop)
(Louisville, KY)
(from Louisville, KY; members of OLD BABY and SAPAT)

Tuesday, July 16th
2100 S. Preston
8 PM doors, 21-and-over
$6 advance tickets available online here: http://zanzabarlouisville.ticketfly.com/event/287929-daughn-gibson-louisville/ and at Zanzabar; $8 day-of-show

Let’s get a few facts straight right off the bat. The name is DAUGHN GIBSON – rhymes with Jaughn, or Raughn. He was born in the village of Nazareth, PA, and currently resides in the sleepy college town of Carlisle, PA, where he frequents local watering holes like The Cave and Alibis. He’s 6’5″, hovers at 200 pounds, and has a head of jet-black hair thicker than a porcupine. He played drums in the group Pearls & Brass for a number of years, touring the US to small but enthusiastic crowds, and if you tag them as “stoner-metal” it will go to show that you’ve never actually listened to them. For a few years in-between, Daughn was a trucker, sure, but he’s also been packing boxes in an un-air conditioned warehouse, climbing up commercial broadcast towers with untested levels of radiation, working the register at an adult bookstore, doing sound at dive bars and collecting unemployment checks to earn a living. DAUGHN GIBSON first entered the daydreams and fantasies of the general public in the spring of last year, care of his critically-acclaimed debut album All Hell. At once both foreign and familiar, Daughn’s music is immediately striking – through the use of dusty thrift-store records and cutting edge technology, Daughn shook the ghosts out of scratchy Christian folk records and baptized them as fierce Americana with his booming baritone voice. His songs are as frequently tender as they are prurient, as hopeful as they are brimming with despair. It’s on Daughn’s second album and Sub Pop debut, Me Moan, that he truly reveals himself to the world. If All Hell was a gritty black-and-white movie, Me Moan is a widescreen IMAX 3D extravaganza. While the roots of sample-based music remain, these songs are performed live, lushly detailed and richly orchestrated. To name but a small selection, live drums, pedal steel, horns, house strings, bagpipes and organs appear on this record, but never does it feel over-stuffed – every instrument or melody is perfectly in place. It’s worth noting that guitarists John Baizley (of Baroness) and Jim Elkington (of Brokeback) provide stunning performances on the record.

THE DELOREANS are one of Louisville’s most accomplished groups, with two albums to their credit, Love Outrageous and American Craze. The latter, released in 2011, is “not only executed with care, but filled with fun, contagious, hook-riddled songs” — Steve Morgan, Louisville Music News.

are well known to connoisseurs of Louisville music, primarily for their main musical vehicles OLD BABY and SAPAT, respectively. They’re taking a dynamic duo detour down a ramshackle dirt road, riding a pink Cadillac into the sunset of a February night. Will they fly off the handle, riding high like Thelma & Louise into an expansive western sky? Or will they keep it down-to-earth, dusting up your jacket and filling your lungs with exhaust while they peel out, squealing their tires? There’s only one way to find out, dear listener…

Check out the Facebook invite here: https://www.facebook.com/events/153571638155924.

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