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What’s Been Goin’ On?

Not much, at all.

Sharkey and Richie

Sharkey and Richie from Clockcleaner in front of the Louisville Slugger bat, 10/30/07.

Jesus Lizard Cover Band

The Jesus Lizard Cover Band at the Pour Haus, 10/26/07.

JL Flyer

Nick gets wild

Nick gets wild in Lexington.

Only 99 Cents!

Only 99 cents! (but a lifetime of regret.)

Weekend of Public Humiliation (For Some, Not Me)

Blues Control with Brian Turner

Blues Control with Brian Turner at the Rock Star Bar for Mark’s birthday party, 8/11/07

Sharkey Eats the Mic

Isn’t “Most Hated Band in Philadelphia” something like “Most Useless Celeb in L.A.?” Clockcleaner’s John Sharkey III gets wild on the mic, something Kidd Chris would most certainly approve of.


The strobe lights make it hard to take a crappy cellphone shot, yet Karen looks good here.

Berdan Looks On

Noted super-bro Michael Berdan looks on as Clockcleaner winds up.

Watersports and Aaron Rosenblum

Watersports and Aaron Rosenblum give Gavin Bryars a run for his money at Goodbye Blue Monday, 8/10/07.

Lots more to come, shortly.

New Links and Live Stuff

Blues Control with Brian Turner

(Blues Control with Brian Turner covering Unholy Swill at the Bowery Ballroom, 7/11/07)

Yeah, stuff. Instead of taking a planned road trip, I ended up stuck in New York all week, so got to see a couple good shows and whatnot. Wednesday’s Deerhunter/Ex-Models/Blues Control show was a hilarious clusterfuck of epically later’d proportions. Congee Village eats beforehand with Lukas were crucial, then BC’s smoky jamz left us all ready to pound beer after beer (esp. their cover of an Unholy Swill song — forget the title — with WFMU main man Brian Turner on lead ax). Fortunately we were ready for beer pounding, because Ex-Models made us wanna sit downstairs, say hi to our friend bartending, and lament. Just not into ’em. Deerhunter were pretty good, basically sounded about the same as the record, but the best part of the evening might’ve been the singer’s 45-minute-or-so-long monologue from the stage after the band was through. Poor kid only wanted some G.I. Joes, not to be dressed up like a girl! Parents can be so cruel. Nice retardo Germs cover, too.

Friday night it was time for jammin’ at Cake Shop in a basement get-wrecked stylee. First two bands were a pretty deec female moan trio (some combo involving Child Bride and I don’t know who else). Don’t really know nothing ’bout the players, but they were enjoyable enough. After that was a metal band called Fogeaters which wasn’t really my thing, but at moments the guitarist had some great Mainliner-style moves. The main thing I was there to see played third, and that was Tobogan, a total retarded mess consisting of Russ and Lea from Blues Control, Brian from Mouthus, Don from DremCron and Big Whiskey, Allison from Awesome Color and Ryan from King Crab. Headbanging sludge plus stylish moves (esp. from Lea on guitar and handbag!). Two more bands played as well, Portland’s Night Wounds (not really my thing though not bad — and it’s nice to see a tight punk band with a saxomaphone) and New Jersey’s own Home Blitz (already written about here, though now Daniel’s got a new trio lineup, and is much more confident than last year). Oh and Max from Violent Students and Richie from Clockcleaner played records and mp3s too, so that was the perfect soundtrack to a night of beer, beer and more beer.

So what else? Not much. Skipped Excepter tonight, feeling way too wrung out to get my mind blown, unfortunately. Thinking about Jack Rose/D. Charles Speer/GHQ/This Invitation (see Todd’s page for more info), but haven’t decided yet. Oh and I’ve been adding lots and lots of links lately to the the right side over there, take a look at the following:

Direct Waves – Lots of full album downloads of obscure shit
Mutant Sounds – ditto
Neglected Books – just like it sounds like, buddy
Awful Tattoos – also pretty self-explanatory

Check ’em out and get nerdy.

Harry Potter is for fucking nerds

P.S. did you know that Channel 11 plays “The Best of Soul Train” at 2 AM on Saturday nights?!? Me neither, but now I know and it’s awesome! Next up, Yellow Magic Orchestra!