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August 1st Trolley Hop – Early Amateur Films of Kentucky and Beyond with special musical guests, Friday, August 1st at DREAMLAND


The Other Side of Life, Dreamland, and The Filson Historical Society are proud to present:


with special musical guests to be announced

Friday, August 1st
810 E. Market Street (in the alley behind Decca Restaurant)
Film screening from 5 PM to 8 PM, live music to follow
The event is FREE and open to the public as part of the Republic Bank First Friday Trolley Hop.

Presented By
Heather Stone, Assistant Curator of Special Collections
Aaron Rosenblum, Assistant Curator of Special Collections

If you missed The Filson Historical Society’s packed June 13th screening of this rare, amateur film footage of Louisville, Indianapolis, and the region, here’s your chance to see it at Dreamland!

In 2013 The Filson, with support from the community through a fundraising campaign, preserved three historic films from the Judge Arthur E. Hopkins Collection. Judge Hopkins (1881-1944) was a Louisville attorney, judge, alderman and member of the Board of Directors of The Filson with a passion for film and photography.

(A towboat pushing a barge up the icy Ohio River in the winter of 1933 – Still courtesy Filson Historical Society.)

For the past year Filson archivists have worked to bring these historic Louisville films back to life.  Join us at this screening to see these rare scenes of downtown Louisville, Indianapolis, the Kentucky Derby, Bowman Field, Cherokee and Iroquois Parks, and more!

The films will be shown at Dreamland (810 E. Market St., behind Decca) on a loop throughout the event, with a Kentucky-themed soundtrack curated by Nathan Salsburg of the Alan Lomax Archives. Filson staff members will be on hand to provide historical information about the films. Refreshments will be available.

(The Judge Arthur E. Hopkins film collection was recently discovered in the original canisters and trunks. Photo courtesy Filson Historical Society.)

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Dreamland show poster

The Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, DREAMLAND, Louisville Experimental Festival, and The Other Side of Life are proud to present a very special performance by:

PETER BRÖTZMANN (Wuppertal, Germany)



Saturday, June 7th
810 E. Market Street (in the alley behind Decca Restaurant)
8 PM, $25 (seated)
Advance tickets available here:

UPDATE, 5/20/2014: Hey friends, as of today physical tickets are now on sale for Brotzmann/Drake/Parker at DREAMLAND on Saturday, June 7th! You can purchase them at The Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, Guestroom Records, Modern Cult Records, and Astro Black Records (fees may vary). And a limited number of tickets will be on sale at DREAMLAND starting with this Thursday’s screenings of “Soldier of the Road: A Portrait of Peter Brotzmann.” You can also win free tickets to the concert at those screenings!


It’s safe to say that PETER BRÖTZMANN is one of the most revered jazz musicians alive today. A saxophonist as well as clarinetist, BRÖTZMANN has released over fifty albums as a bandleader, and has appeared on over one hundred albums total. His1968 recording Machine Gun is considered one of his many classics within the realms of free jazz and European free improvisation, but he certainly didn’t stop there. BRÖTZMANN has also recorded or performed with a gigantic roster of musicians as diverse as Han Bennink, Fred Van Hove, Derek Bailey, Frank Wright, Cecil Taylor, Keiji Haino, Mats Gustafsson, Ken Vandermark, Conny Bauer, Joe McPhee, and his son, Caspar Brötzmann, a notable guitarist in his own right.

HAMID DRAKE is widely regarded as one of the best percussionists in jazz and improvised music. Incorporating Afro-Cuban, Indian, and African percussion instruments and influence, in addition to using the standard trap set, Drake has collaborated extensively with top free-jazz improvisers around the world, including trumpeter Don Cherry; pianist Herbie Hancock; saxophonists Pharoah Sanders, Fred Anderson, Archie Shepp and David Murray; and bassists Reggie Workman and William Parker.

A native of The Bronx, New York’s WILLIAM PARKER is certainly no slouch in the company of BRÖTZMANN and DRAKE. Indeed, the bassist began his career in the 1970s playing with Cecil Taylor, and released his first album as a leader, Through Acceptance of the Mystery Peace, all the way back in 1981. He has played with David S. Ware, Jimmy Lyons, Derek Bailey, John Zorn, Charles Gayle, Wayne Horvitz, Roscoe Mitchell, Matthew Shipp, and in the group Other Dimensions in Music. The main force behind New York’s Vision Festival, PARKER is also an avid poet and author.

It is an absolute pleasure and an honor to bring musicians of this caliber to DREAMLAND!

Additionally, DREAMLAND is screening the documentary SOLDIER OF THE ROAD: A PORTRAIT OF PETER BRÖTZMANN on Thursday, May 22nd at 7 and 9 PM. Each screening is $10, and tickets are available here:

7 PM Screening —;
9 PM Screening —

Attendees at each screening will be entered to win two tickets to the BRÖTZMANN/DRAKE/PARKER performance at DREAMLAND on Saturday, June 7th, a $50 value!

Check out the Facebook invitation here:

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Twitter: @DREAMLANDLouKy.

DREAMLAND Set to Open Next Week!


DREAMLAND, a new performing and visual arts space, is set to open at 810 East Market Street in Louisville, Kentucky with inaugural performances on Thursday, January 30th by the Jim Marlowe/Steve Good/Jackie Royce Reed Trio (their debut) and mAAs, two local music ensembles. Formerly known as the Dreamland Film Center, creative endeavors of all kinds will now be facilitated at DREAMLAND by TIM BARNES, Founder and Artistic Director of THE NEW MEDIA PROJECT.

Tucked in an alleyway off East Market Street, right behind Decca Restaurant, DREAMLAND is a 100-person capacity black-box theater with adjoining lounge and lobby space. It has been utilized for the past few years by the Louisville Film Society for screenings, concerts, lectures, and production offices. In a previous life, the DREAMLAND space was a chapel, as part of the Wayside Christian Mission.

THE NEW MEDIA PROJECT has been an ongoing multi-disciplinary, multi-media production emphasizing adventures in new music, visual forms, and architecture. Founded by Tim Barnes, THE NEW MEDIA PROJECT aims to expose Louisville audiences to the best of what the world’s art communities has to offer.

DREAMLAND’S Artistic Director TIM BARNES is an internationally-known percussionist, electronic musician, and recording producer/engineer who has played and recorded with Sonic Youth, Wilco, Body/Head, Jim O’Rourke, Silver Jews, Neil Michael Hagerty and the Howling Hex, The Tower Recordings, The For Carnation, and MV+EE, as well as being featured in countless multiple other settings, from jazz-influenced free-improvisation to full-on rock n’ roll. He also runs the newly-revived Quakebasket record label (best known for its mid-1990s archival releases of solo work by Angus MacLise, poet and original drummer for the Velvet Underground). Tim is no stranger to curating music events as he had a hand in guiding NYC’s acclaimed Issue Project Room in becoming a venue. A California native, Tim moved with his wife and their two children to Louisville, Kentucky in 2007 from his longtime musical base, New York City. As a relatively-new Louisvillian, BARNES is enthusiastic about reaching out to the entire community in developing DREAMLAND as a viable and vital part of our city.

Partnering with BARNES on this endeavor is JOEL HUNT as Business Manager/Publicist, a Louisville native and independent music promoter, best known for his one-man production team The Other Side of Life, as well as his music writing for LEO Weekly, Swingset magazine, and many others. Formerly a resident of New York City, HUNT has also served as a production manager for the Beggars Group of recording labels (which includes Matador Records, 4AD, XL Recordings, and others).

DREAMLAND is dedicated to presenting a vanguard of musicians, performing artists, and cinema from around the globe, as well as being a showcase for like-minded artists from right here in Louisville. Our city’s many and varied arts, music, and cultural groups are highly encouraged to consider DREAMLAND as a potential partner in performance and promotion, and we encourage all inquiries. With easy access to and from Downtown Louisville, DREAMLAND hopes to be the artistic and musical beat in the heart of Louisville’s East Market District, also known as NuLu.

Web site:
Facebook site:

For more information on how your organization can curate performances and events at DREAMLAND, contact us via email at

UPCOMING EVENTS AT DREAMLAND (much more to be announced shortly!):

Thursday, January 30th – The New Media Project presents the Jim Marlowe/Steve Good/Jackie Royce Reed Trio and mAAs. 7 PM, $5.

Thursday, February 6th – The New Media Project presents Mind Over Mirrors, Matt Christensen, and Shedding. 7 PM, $10.

Saturday, February 15th – The Other Side of Life presents Black God and Second Story Man. 8 PM, $5

Sunday, February 16th – The New Media Project presents Mikolaj Trzaska & Tim Daisy Duo, more TBA. 7 PM, $10.

Wednesday, February 19th – The New Media Project and The Other Side of Life present Chris Forsyth’s Solar Motel Band, more TBA. 7 PM, $10.

Saturday, March 1st – The New Media Project presents Cairo Gang, Tropical Trash, Famous Laughs. 8 PM, $10.

Fear not, intrepid fans! The Other Side of Life will continue on, and will continue to book out-there music at venues all over Louisville, not just at DREAMLAND. In fact, we’ve got another big announcement coming hopefully next week…

Bernard Parmegiani, R.I.P.

We’ve gotten word via the internet that Bernard Parmegiani, one of our favorite composers, has passed today.

(Parmegiani on the left, with Christian Zanesi, from Wikipedia.)

We’ll post an official obituary as soon as we find one. In the meantime, enjoy Hors Phase from 1972:



The New Media Project and The Other Side of Life are proud to present:

NATHAN BOWLES/SCOTT VERRASTRO DUO (Members of Pelt, The Black Twig Pickers, and Kohoutek; from Blacksburg, Virginia and Philadelphia, PA)
mAAs (Louisville, KY; duo of Tim Barnes and Connor Bell)

with a special screening of IRA COHEN‘s


Sunday, November 10th
810 E. Market Street (behind Decca Restaurant)

Polar Satellites is the stunning collaboration by NATHAN BOWLES (Pelt/Black Twig Pickers) and SCOTT VERRASTRO (Kohoutek), released in early July, 2013 on LP and digitally by MIE. Polar Satellites is a mesmerising collection of percussion improvisations performed in duo by Nathan and Scott deep in the winter of 2009 and 2010 with absolutely no overdubs. Building on the starkness of last years Effigy by Pelt, (recently repressed on MIE), the duo have recorded an even bleaker, more minimal and hermetically vibed record together. Unnerving and hypnotic, Polar Satellites is an intense journey into the unknown, awash with uncategorisable percussive instruments, kalimbas and banjo. Nathan and Scott first met in Washington D.C when Nathan would sit in on Kohoutek sets. They were brought together as a duo on a track recorded for Three Lobed Records’ Jack Rose tribute album and were so struck by the results that they went down to Black Dirt Studios and laid down these tracks with Jason Meagher on engineering, recording and mixing duties.

mAAs is the duo of Louisville musicians Connor Bell (also of Shedding) and Tim Barnes. Louisville resident and drummer extraordinaire, the list of Tim Barnes‘s collaborators is too long to list here, but it includes Jim O’Rourke, Silver Jews, Neil Michael Hagerty and the Howling Hex, The Tower Recordings, and countless others. Most recently, Tim Barnes played drums with the resurrected lineup of The For Carnation, as well as with MV+EE at Cropped Out in November, 2011. Connor Bell has released several items over the years under the name Shedding, available at Ocio and Hometapes, all of which is meditative and still, eerie and unsettling — yet with a spectacular sense of melody.

(a scene from “The Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda”)

IRA COHEN (February 3, 1935 – April 25, 2011) was an American poet, publisher, photographer and filmmaker. Cohen lived in Morocco and in New York City in the 1960s, he was in Kathmandu in the 1970s and traveled the world in the 1980s, before returning to New York, where he spent the rest of his life.

About IRA COHEN‘s 1968 film “The Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda” J. Hoberman wrote the following in the Mar. 16, 2006 Village Voice: “Part ‘Dr. Strange,’ part ‘Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome,’ [‘The Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda’ is] so High ’60s that you emerge from its 20-minute vision perched full-lotus on a cloud of incense, chatting with a white rabbit and smoking a banana…. ‘Invasion’ is a languidly opiated costume ball in which an assortment of masked and painted bohos, some sporting outsize elf ears, loll about a candlelit, Mylar-lined set, blowing soap bubbles and nibbling majoon. …In lieu of action, Cohen uses all manner of superimposition and prismatic image-splitting; his big effect, however, is the deliquescent Mylar reflection. What saves ‘Invasion’ from preciosity is the vague menace of Angus MacLise’s improvised pan-piping, tabla-tapping, creature-yipping score. Although this masterpiece of Tibetan-Moroccan-Druidic trance music was reissued on CD several years ago, it truly blossoms in conjunction with the exotic smorgasbord served at Cohen’s psychedelicatessen.”

The soundtrack to “THE INVASION OF THUNDERBOLT PAGODA” by Angus MacLise has been remastered by Tim Barnes for reissue on his newly-resurrected Quakebasket record label.

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It’s kinda crazy how quickly September has flown by — in a flash! Well they say time flies when you’re having fun, but we haven’t even gotten to CROPPED OUT yet! That’s right, the fourth installment of Louisville’s best DIY-n’-weird-stuff weekend is back, taking place mainly at the American Turners Club on River Road, and this year promises to be the best ever. As always, we’ve checked out the schedule (you can too, here:, and here’s your “Picks to Click” in bold, with some additional commentary…


5 p.m. — White Reaper (Turners Tavern stage): Louisville’s latest garage rock sensation, catch them before they’re either huge and/or move to Nashville/Memphis/anyplace else.
5:25 — Spelling Bee (Goosebump Galley stage)
5:55 — Tweens (Phreedom Hall stage)
6:20 — Promised Land Sound (Turners Tavern)
6:45 — Tyvek (Turners Tavern): Detroit’s finest stop-on-a-dime-and-give-you-change rock band, in probably their millionth configuration. Who will be in the band this week? Find out!
7:15 — Spray Paint (Phreedom Hall)
7:40 — Salad Influence (Goosebump Galley): Lexington main man Mikey Turner’s side gig, when he’s not rocking in CROSS or making sweet solo tapes.
8:00 — Blues Control (Goosebump Galley): Our pals Lea and Russ, we go way back, and there ain’t nothin’ bad we could ever say about this dynamic duo!
8:35 — Juanita (Phreedom Hall): Long-running Louisville underground mavens, featuring some people that go back to first-wave Louisville punk and the 1069 House scene that spawned Babylon Dance Band, Endtables, and more.
9:00 — Hair Police (Turners Tavern): Lexington “noize dudes” in a rare Louisville performance — probably the first time in a decade!
9:25 — Shit & Shine (Goosebump Galley): One of the highlights of Cropped Out II: The Search for Curley’s Gold, S&S occasionally feature King Coffey of the Butthole Surfers, as well as bunny masks.
9:55 — The Endtables (Phreedom Hall): First-wave Louisville punk! Okay, maybe Southern Indiana. Either way, they rule, and this is the first time they’ve played here in over 35 years!
10:20 — Steve Gunn (Turners Tavern): East Coast guitar-slinger with a killer new album, Time Off, that you should check out pronto!
10:55 — Bill Orcutt & Chris Corsano (Goosebump Galley): Orcutt slayed solo at Cropped Out II, this is his first Louisville trip with drumming octopus and handsome man Chris Corsano. Hide your (fancy) bourbon!
11:40 — Endless Boogie (Phreedom Hall): The last time EB graced Louisville was over two years ago, so it’s safe to say you shouldn’t miss them this time!

Friday night, killer Chicago-based reissue label NUMERO GROUP is hosting a Cropped Out after-party at Seidenfaden’s, starring Michael Slaboch and Louisville’s Kim Sorise! It starts at midnight and is FREE! More information here:


2:00 p.m. — Asm A Tik (Turners Tavern): I’ve been dying to see this new Louisville trio, as supposedly they are prog-tastic. Come get progressive, early!
2:25 — Neighbor (Goosebump Galley): One of Louisville’s heaviest current groups, we gotta say, these neighbors are much cooler than one of our neighbors who cut down a tree last year. Boo!
2:55 — Todays Hits (Phreedom Hall)
3:20 — Mote (Turners Tavern)
3:45 — Quail Bones (Goosebump Galley)
4:15 — Connections (Phreedom Hall): New Columbus, Ohio band features members of Times New Viking. Remember them? They were great, so these guys are probably at least half as good, right? Just kiddin’, they are pretty great!
4:40 — Tom Blacklung & the Smokestacks (Turners Tavern)
5:05 — Running (Goosebump Galley)
5:35 — Rinehart (Phreedom Hall)
6:00 — New England Patriots (Turners Tavern)
6:25 — Thee Open Sex (Goosebump Galley)
6:55 — Montag (Phreedom Hall): Rare appearance by this Louisville super-phenom! Must be seen to be believed!
7:20 — SKIMASK (Turners Tavern)
7:45 — Jaye Jayle (Turners Tavern): Mysterious Louisville folk rock funsters, JJ have been awesome every time we’ve seen ’em.
8:15 — Mayo Thompson and the Corky’s Debt Band (Phreedom Hall): YES! Corky’s Debt to His Father is one of our favorite albums of all time, and though we’ve seen Mayo kill it with his main concern, The Red Krayola, we never thought we’d see the day we’d see/hear songs from Corky live. And on our 38th birthday, no less. In our hometown. Thank you, Cropped Out!
8:55 — Kal Marks (Goosebump Galley)
9:20 — Borbetomagus (Goosebump Galley): New York trio (2 saxes, electric guitar) are an acquired taste, but what a taste it is! We’ve been long-time fans, without ever having the chance to see them live, so this is another one-in-a-lifetime experience as they rarely play off the East Coast.
10:00 — Wolf Eyes (Phreedom Hall): Quite possibly the best band Michigan’s produced since the Stooges. Really, I believe that!
10:35 — Human Eye (Turners Tavern): Second-best Michigan band after Wolf Eyes! What is it with Michigan and eyes anyway? The dang place looks like a glove!
11:05 — CAVE (Goosebump Galley): One of the highlights of Cropped Out #1, along with a chaotic drunken Oaks night two years ago, Cave brings some sorta kraut-y dance party for yo’ dome.
11:45 — Matt Sweeney & Bonnie “Prince” Billy (Phreedom Hall): We’ll be honest, we haven’t been a huge Billy fan, but Superwolf, the album these two geniuses recorded over five years ago, was a damn fine moment. Everybody rub your belly!

At midnight Saturday night, our Stop Drink Listen friends will be hosting an after-party with Endless Boogie’s Paul Major, also at Seidenfaden’s (more information here:


9 p.m. — Freakwater (Phreedom Hall): C’mon, do I really have to tell you anything about Freakwater? Sheesh, I’m tired already.
10:30 — Lambchop (Phreedom Hall)

If that wasn’t enough information for you, you can find out more at And you can download a really great mix of this year’s artists there! And buy tickets, if you haven’t already. What are you waiting for?

OH YEAH! Cropped Out REALLY starts on Thursday, if you’re so inclined, with the BEER & VOODOO Wild & Woolly/Cropped Out 2013 Pre-Party with Sublime Frequencies at the Dreamland Film Center! Filmmaker/documentarian/world traveler Hisham Mayet will be presenting two films, Vodoun Gods on the Slave Coast (at 7:30pm) and The Divine River: Ceremonial Pageantry in the Sahel (at 9:00pm). More information is here:

Whew! Now I gotta go take a nap so I have enough energy for this weekend…

For some reason, we “copied” the scheduled published in the LEO Weekly, which was inaccurate. We regret the error. Always on time, peoples!

JASON AJEMIAN and special guests at the NACHBAR, Friday, February 15th, FREE!

Astro Black Records, Cropped Out, and the Other Side of Life present a FREE after-party for the Louisville Film Society‘s screenings of Soldier of the Road, featuring

JASON AJEMIAN (bassist; Chicago, Illinois)

with special guests:

TIM BARNES (percussion)
JIM MARLOWE (saxophones; member of SAPAT and TROPICAL TRASH)

and more Louisville musicians to be announced!

Friday, February 15th
969 Charles Street (at the corner of Charles and Krieger)
11 PM, 21-and -over

JASON AJEMIAN has acquired a high profile in the improvised music scene over the years, performing with Marc Ribot’s SunShip, Matana Robert’s CoinCoin, Rob Mazurek’s Mandarin Movie, Exploding Star Orchestra, and Chicago Underground Trio, Ken Vandermark’s Crisis Ensemble, and his 5 year weekly engagement with Jeff Parker & Nori Tanaka at the Rodan in Chicago.  AJEMIAN’s curiosity has ranged far and wide — he’s just as comfortable in the hushed, folksy setting of Born Heller, his duo with Josephine Foster, as he is in the breath-processed arrangements of his large ensemble Who Cares How Long You Sink.  Given such a variety of musical interest, a detour like “From Beyond,” AJEMIAN’s backwards version of Black Sabbath’s ‘Into the Void’ for chamber ensemble, begins to seem like an obvious stop on this bassist’s journey from the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains to Chicago and his current home in New York City.

Louisville resident and drummer extraordinaire, the list of Tim Barnes‘s collaborators is too long to list here, but it includes Jim O’Rourke, Silver Jews, Neil Michael Hagerty and the Howling Hex, The Tower Recordings, and countless others. Most recently, Tim Barnes played drums with the newly resurrected lineup of The For Carnation, as well as with MV+EE at Cropped Out in November, 2011 and with Wooden Wand at Cropped Out, September, 2012.

Jim Marlowe and Jordan Richardson you know from their incredible all-over-the-place band Tropical Trash, as well as their reputations as improvisers about town with the likes of Sapat, Ecstatic Girth, and Jandek at Cropped Out in September, 2012.

Soldier of the Road is a documentary about saxophonist/clarinetist Peter Brötzmann, directed by Bernard Josse in collaboration with journalist and photographer Gérard Rouy, who has been following Brötzmann since the early 1970s. It looks at Brötzmann’s live performances and artwork, and takes in interviews and performances with Han Bennink, Evan Parker, Ken Vandermark, Mats Gustafsson, Joe McPhee, Michael Zerang, and many others. There will be two screenings of Soldier of the Road at the Louisville Film Society‘s Dreamland Film Center on Friday, February 15th at 7 PM and 9 PM. $8 general admission or $5 for Louisville Film Society members. Sponsored by Astro Black Records.

Check out the Facebook invite here:

To join our email list, send an email to You can also join our Facebook group at Twitter: @OtherSideShows.