The Other Side of Life is proud to present:




Thursday, February 12th
1004 E. Oak Street
Doors open at 9 PM
$10, 21+
Advance online tickets available here: https://squareup.com/market/the-other-side-of-life
Facebook invitation here: https://www.facebook.com/events/904047726305926
Recommended If You Like: G.I. Gurdjieff, Edward Artemiev, John Fahey, Jack Rose, Caboladies

MIND OVER MIRRORS, the evolving project of Jaime Fennelly and more recently, Haley Fohr of Circuit des Yeux, deploys modest acoustic constituent materials — an Indian pedal harmonium and the human voice — to produce roiling, meditative music that both simulates the swells and troughs of synthesized electronics and conjures the ceaseless rhythms of tidal surges. While we can point out referential sonic compass points — G.I. Gurdjieff’s harmonium improvisations; certain particularly harmonically viscous recordings of Sacred Harp singers; Edward Artemiev’s soundtracks to Andrei Tarkovsky  films — in its prayerful patience, its simultaneously formal and folk aspects, and its unabashed (if intermittently anxious) beauty, it doesn’t sound much like anything else being made today. There is an easy, and unusual, confluence of praise and play at work in Jaime’s music that catalyzes heady reverie. The new MIND OVER MIRRORS album, The Voice Calling, will be released on January 27th on Immune Recordings.


DANIEL BACHMAN is a musician born and raised in Fredericksburg, Virginia. He has been playing what he describes as “psychedelic appalachia” since he was a teenager, releasing small run editions of tapes, CDs and LPs for the past few years, with a sound that evolved from drones and banjos to a now guitar centered focus. Touring off and on since the age of 17, BACHMAN has managed to cover thorough ground across the US, sharing stages with like minded folk such as fellow Fredericksburg native Jack Rose, for whom he fashioned the artwork for the posthumous release of Luck In The Valley. His new album will be released on Three Lobed Recordings this spring.

KEENAN & CHRIS is the debut of the duo of Louisville natives Keenan Lawler and Chris Bush. Keenan Lawler is a versatile guitarist who has collaborated or performed with a wide range of forward-thinking musicians and mavericks including Rhys Chatham, John Butcher, Eliott Sharp, Charalambides, Ignaz Schick/Perlonex, Kaffe Matthews, Burning Star Core, Jason Kahn, Ut Gret, Kevin Drumm, Helena Espvall, Ian Nagoski, Alan Licht, Taksuya Nakatani, Bhob Rainey, Eric Carbonara and Joseph Suchy. Chris Bush currently plays electronics in Flanger Magazine, and has also been a member of Caboladies, as well as released music in a solo project under the name Flower Man.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OtherSideShows
Instagram: http://instagram.com/hstencil
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OtherSideShows

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