nitrouslarge The Other Side of Life is proud to present:

Playing their first show in over twenty years:






Friday, August 8th
810 E. Market Street (in the alley behind Decca Restaurant)
Doors open at 8 PM
Advance tickets available here:
Facebook invitation here:
Recommended if you like: Undermine, Kill, Erchint, Louisville!

At this point, everyone knows about the legendary Louisville scene of the early 1990s. Our city was destined to be “The Next Seattle” — just like every other moderate-sized city with a few decent bands, a couple of independent record labels, and a handful of venues. Well, once that all dried up, the magazines and taste-makers stopped caring, but it didn’t matter — Louisville musicians kept on playing, and today we’ve got more good bands than you can shake a stick at.

Back in the day, though, there were a number of INCREDIBLE bands that fell through the cracks, for whatever reason, never receiving the wider recognition they might have deserved. One of those bands is NITROUS. Falling somewhere within the parameters of the aggressively noisy post-hardcore of like-minded bands such as Drunks with Guns, Unsane, or Bastards, NITROUS could always be counted on to be THE most intense band at any given show they played. Consisting of Edward Lutz, Takayuki Tsuji (Undermine), Jason Fuller (Kill), and Chico Beat (Erchint), a NITROUS show was an event.

This show will be no different. This is NITROUS‘ first show in over twenty years, and unlikely to happen again. DO NOT MISS IT.

““Weight” and “volume” are terms usually reserved for science, but with TROPHY WIVES they’re an art. The Louisville, KY-based four-piece’s dark, sweaty rock cribs its moves from Birthday Party-esque post-punk, Kyuss-like stoner grooves, and Jesus Lizard-like rhythm section gnarl in equal measure, going unpredictably but consistently for either your gut or your throat. Make no mistake: they’re going to hit you hard and kick your ass, but at least you’re going to have a good time rolling with the punches.” -Johnny C.,

THE WINDAGO features Louisvillians Chris Guinero, Dave Bird, and (sometimes) Tim Ruth, who have performed with Evergreen, Undermine, Auditory Clang, Pale Horse Riders, the Palace Brothers, Rude Weirdo, Speed to Roam, and Juanita, to name just a few of their projects. It’s folk music inspired by Gypsies and Native Americans. They have been working on material for the past four years with plans to release material on Ted Records and Self Destruct Records.

Twitter: @OtherSideShows

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