Cropped Out and The Other Side of Life are proud to present:

INSECT FACTORY (Silver Spring, MD)
mAAs (Louisville, KY; duo of Tim Barnes and Connor Bell)

Wednesday, July 24th
2227 S. Preston
7 PM, $6


INSECT FACTORY is music from Silver Spring, MD musician Jeff Barsky. INSECT FACTORY focuses on texture and mood, building layers of dense sounds that slowly evolve into hypnotic and atmospheric drones. Since the 90’s, Barsky has continuously played in bands and improvisational collectives, and has performed frequently on the east coast of the U.S., and also in Canada, throughout Europe, and Japan. Barsky’s projects have shared the stage with acts as diverse as Richard Pinhas, Nels Cline, Lungfish, and Carla Bozulich, and he has performed at the Suoni Il Per Popolo festival in Montreal, Terrastock ’08 in Louisville, KY, and D.C.’s Sonic Circuits, Queering Sound, and Fringe Festivals. In later 2011, INSECT FACTORY released a split 7″ with RST (New Zealand), and followed it up with the Melodies from a Dead Radio LP (Fabrica/Insectfields) in early 2012. Most recently, INSECT FACTORY appeared alongside Six Organs of Admittance and Charalambides on “For Lee Jackson in Space”, a gargantuan online compilation benefitting ALS Research. “Music that evokes the feel of a plane ride through the clouds and the
surreal world of dreams…INSECT FACTORY‘s music grows with repeated listens.” – The Wire.

mAAs is the duo of Louisville musicians Connor Bell (also of Shedding) and Tim Barnes. Louisville resident and drummer extraordinaire, the list of Tim Barnes‘s collaborators is too long to list here, but it includes Jim O’Rourke, Silver Jews, Neil Michael Hagerty and the Howling Hex, The Tower Recordings, and countless others. Most recently, Tim Barnes played drums with the resurrected lineup of The For Carnation, as well as with MV+EE at Cropped Out in November, 2011. Connor Bell has released several items over the years under the name Shedding, available at Ocio and Hometapes, all of which is meditative and still, eerie and unsettling — yet with a spectacular sense of melody. This performance marks their debut as mAAs, an electronic duo.

PUBLIC SPEAKING is the music of Brooklyn solo artist Jason Anthony Harris. Utilizing found objects, radio, tape recorder, and vocoder, he pores over pedals to loop, warp and augment these sources. He sings on his knees, in a semi-circle of these devices and percussive clutter. The result is a soulful and rhythmically dense experimental music. His performances are highly improvisational, with an emphasis on immediacy and site-specific actions.

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