The Other Side of Life presents:

PURLING HISS (Philadelphia, PA; on Drag City)


JAYE JAYLE (Louisville, KY)

Sunday, April 21st
2100 S. Preston
9 PM, , 21-and-over, $6 advance tickets available online here: http://zanzabarlouisville.ticketfly.com/event/253007-purling-hiss-louisville/, $8 day-of-show
(photo by Tiffany Yoon)

It takes balls to let PURLING HISS get in your face- their records are a half-corroded, screaming roar of high-end guitars crushed together, obliterating vocals and drums with their singular assault. Well, if you’ve got balls, get ready to swing ‘em! With their new album Water On MarsPURLING HISS have broken out of the basement, run through the bedroom and are now loose, out in the streets, blasting one of the great guitar albums in the past couple minutes.

It’s minimal, it’s trance, it’s blues… it’s Jayle time! JAYE JAYLE play songs inspired by traveling, being disconnected, and being in love. Restlessly, yet relaxed, JAYE JAYLE rides up and down and boogies around in a vortex furnished with sandy desert dreams. Saddle up or pull up a chair, either way would be and will be just fine.

Check out the Facebook invite here: http://www.facebook.com/events/568251453194408.

To join our email list, send an email to hstencil@gmail.com. You can also join our Facebook group at http://www.facebook.com/groups/232825523444477/. Twitter: @OtherSideShows.

UPDATE — APRIL 17th: EXCLUSIVE NEW MUSIC! Listen to and/or download “Pull Me Back to Hell” by JAYE JAYLE from their upcoming album Jayle Time here for a limited time: http://www.sendspace.com/file/tayuik. And see ’em this Sunday!

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