The Other Side of Life presents:

ZOMES (Baltimore, MD; on Thrill Jockey Records)


SHEDDING (Louisville, KY)

Wednesday, April 24th
2100 S. Preston
9 PM, 21-and-over
$6 advance tickets available online here: http://zanzabarlouisville.ticketfly.com/event/248341-zomes-louisville/; $8 day-of-show

The new album Time Was marks a new stage in the evolution of ZOMES, a musical project begun by Asa Osborne (formerly of Lungfish). The album marks the first recordings of ZOMES as a duo and the first time an album was recorded in a studio and not on a cassette deck. It all began when Asa Osborne was performing at the Perspectives Festival in Sweden, where he met Hanna through a mutual friend in the Skull Defekts. During Osborne’s performance, Hanna, a vocalist, ended up improvising along with the music with stunning results. Realizing the complimentary aspects of their musical personalities and their natural musical affinity, Hanna joined Asa on stage for an improvised performance in a Stockholm art gallery several days later. Asa invited Hanna to perform with him again at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City on the last date on his tour with Beach House, beginning a trans-Atlantic exchange of ideas. Time Was is an expansion of the ZOMES aesthetic, an open and natural collaboration between like-minded individuals. While there are certainly obvious musical connections to Osborne’s work with Lungfish, the duo of Asa and Hanna have built on this considerable foundation and expanded the form to glorious new heights. ZOMES will play Zanzabar as a trio at this, their Louisville debut.

WALFORD / TROTTER / RILES is the trio of Britt Walford, Tyler Trotter, and Zak Riles, all of whom have been active within the Louisville music scene, and in the greater world, as musicians, promoters, sound engineers, and enthusiasts. Walford is best known as an integral member of Louisville legends Slint and Evergreen, as well as a player in Squirrel Bait, Maurice, The For Carnation, and many other musical entities. Riles is best known as a member of the Temporary Residence Ltd. band Grails, while Trotter has performed with the Phantom Family Halo, and was the longtime soundperson for the California Sound Trio. This show marks their first-ever Louisville show as a trio!

SHEDDING has been a solo vehicle for Connor Bell since 2001, and has released several items over those years available at Ocio and Hometapes. SHEDDING‘s music is meditative and still, eerie and unsettling — yet with a spectacular sense of melody.

Find the Facebook invite here: http://www.facebook.com/events/237096726435859.

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