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Cropped Out, The Other Side of Life, and Zanzabar present:

NATURAL CHILD (Nashville, TN; on Infinity Cat Recordings)
STATE CHAMPION (from Louisville/Southern Indiana/Chicago, on Sophomore Lounge Records)
ANIMAL CITY (from Chicago, on Sophomore Lounge)

Wednesday, April 10th
2100 S. Preston Street
8 PM, 21-and-over
$5 advance tickets available here:; $7 day of show.

Summer 2009 Wez ate brownies had a vision. He told big black Zack and called Seth 3 times. They started the Nashville-based three piece rock band called NATURAL CHILD. Maybe known as much for their incessant rambling on-stage banter as their unprecedented pure rock sound, NATURAL CHILD are often described as “the greatest rock n’ roll band in the world”, a title which the trio has worked mercilessly hard to gain… and they have the balls to show for it. NATURAL CHILD want to play in Jamaica and want to play at the pyramids. They have a plan that involves Jack White to befriend Keith Richards and be the opening act on Rolling Stones farewell tour, thus having “the greatest rock n’ roll band in the world” torch officially passed on to them. Not Jack White. These guys love to party. And they love to ride in that van. Oh man. NATURAL CHILD are touring in support of Hard in Heaven, their most recent album.

Watch NATURAL CHILD cover “Born to Be Wild” in Louisville here:

STATE CHAMPION started in 2006 as a moniker for the early acoustic experiments of Ryan Davis. It has since evolved into a rock n’ roll band with a Chevy van and not one, but two vinyl records. Their sophomore record, Deep Shit, was released last year on Sophomore Lounge Records, and has received quite a level of acclaim. Because it’s awesome! “STATE CHAMPION uphold the long and storied history of Louisville and Chicago’s music interconnected… Digging into the dregs of Royal Trux sludge Americana, angular punk, and torch ballads done with malice, STATE CHAMPION accentuates the punk suffix in cowpunk. Weird, wonky, and wild, STATE CHAMPION are a sight to behold live with their unbridled energy and extremely art-damaged take on electric folk.” – The Decibel Tolls.

Following their long-awaited studio debut You Win Some, You Loser (Sophomore Lounge, 2010), Chicago’s favorite skateshop pop quartet ANIMAL CITY is back on wax with their follow-up full-length, See You In The Funny Pages. Though two and a half years without a proper record might seem like a healthy hunk of downtime, don’t let the calendar fool you. The boys have been busy. Since first forming their creative kinship nearly 7 years ago, key songwriters Sal Cassato and Dakota Loesch have knocked out a dozen-or-so collections of lo-fi, homegrown, harmonious rock jams ranging in style from stoner/loner acoustic wayfaring to full-on, funked-up and jazzed-out anthems. “I can’t deny the enjoyability that comes with a well-edited, snappy rock band like this… Even as I get older and uglier, I refuse to entirely hate anyone and everyone on the grounds that they are not as bitter as myself; bands like Animal City are chicken soup for the soul.” –Yellow Green Red.

Find the Facebook invite here:

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