Cropped Out and The Other Side of Life are proud to present:

BLUES CONTROL (on Drag City; from Coopersburg, PA)
RAW THUG (on Loin Seepage; from Louisville, KY)
JONATHAN WOOD & LOWE SUTHERLAND (from Louisville, KY; members of OLD BABY and SAPAT)

Monday, February 4th
2100 S. Preston
8 PM doors, 21-and-over
$5 advance tickets available online here:; $7 day-of-show

Don’t lose control — dig BLUES CONTROL! Following a circular path in order to access the unknown, Russ and Lea nab chaos in a plastic cup and crush rock into diamonds, or something that looks like them anyway. Valley ho! Their new record, Valley Tangents, “is like drugs for your ears.”

Watch the video for BLUES CONTROL‘s “Iron Pigs” from Drag City Limits here:

(Photo of Arsenio Zigonoto by Ron Jasin via LEO Weekly.)

RAW THUG is the brainchild of one Arsenio Zigonoto, recently profiled in Louisville’s LEO Weekly 2012 People Issue here: Needless to say, he is one of Louisville’s musical treasures. To quote:

He once played a plastic bag at a show — “There were lots of drums and it sounded like … an evening gown amongst the chaos” — and has shared his sounds with bands like Sapat, Softcheque, his own RAW THUG moniker, and most recently Mindhorn, amongst countless other sit-ins and randomness.

are well known to connoisseurs of Louisville music, primarily for their main musical vehicles OLD BABY and SAPAT, respectively. For the first time in public (that we know of), they’re taking a dynamic duo detour down a ramshackle dirt road, riding a pink Cadillac into the sunset of a February night. Will they fly off the handle, riding high like Thelma & Louise into an expansive western sky? Or will they keep it down-to-earth, dusting up your jacket and filling your lungs with exhaust while they peel out, squealing their tires? There’s only one way to find out, dear listener…

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