C.S. Yeh, Transitions (De Stijl)

LEO Weekly ran my review of C.S. Yeh’s new album, Transitions, in today’s edition:

Defying expectations is risky, but even more difficult for experimental musicians playing pop. That challenge — of a player known for more demanding fare stretching out into “less serious” realms — is readily accepted by C.S. Yeh on Transitions. A violinist known for his Burning Star Core project, Yeh plays every instrument here, with a shaky retro sensibility reminiscent of 1980’s one-man band My Dad Is Dead. Yeh takes more than a few chances on Transitions: His icy vocals, rudimentary guitar work and synth-driven rhythm tracks are far more direct than previous experimental efforts, while lyrics like “I thought that good luck routed me to Cleveland” might be too tongue-in-cheek to take seriously. But with sly nods to the underground and the mainstream, covering both Father Yod and Stevie Nicks, Yeh makes their songs his own.

You can buy it from De Stijl here.


One thought on “C.S. Yeh, Transitions (De Stijl)

  1. The Cynic

    I’ve been tooling around the web, incredulously reading a multitude of sparkling reviews for this record. Dumbfounded! I rated this as the WORST album of 2012, just a notch below the Talibam embarrassment. What is with people these days and their love of anything that bites the ’80s? It’s frankly disheartening to see so many “music journalists” slobbering at the altar of mediocrity. For further proof of this, refer to the Wire magazine’s top 50, or Allmusic’s pick of the Grimes album(!) as the best of the year. Absolutely pathetic. Makes me sad to work in the business…oh well.


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