Sic Alps and CROSS at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, Friday, October 19th

LEO Weekly ran my preview today of Friday’s upcoming Sic Alps and CROSS show at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft (scroll down to Friday’s entry):

Friday, Oct. 19
Sic Alps
Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft
715 W. Main St.
$6-$8; 8 p.m.

Sic Alps have a not-unpleasant tendency to sound like scraps of an overheard conversation interrupted by a 10-car pileup. To perhaps understand the stops and starts, the utterly lo-fi, heavily fragmented style, know that frontman (and only constant) Mike Donovan drives a cab in San Francisco when he’s not touring. On their new album, the new lineup ditches noisy home recording techniques in favor of a clear, crisp style (including some string arrangements), and the result is like graduating from The Crying of Lot 49 to Gravity’s Rainbow. While former versions have been mystifying, enjoyable and unique, this new recorded version is more cohesive, expansive and epic — without being yawnsome “epic rock.” However, expect a white-hot live performance — their set at the 2010 Cropped Out festival was one of the more blazing moments. —Joel Hunt

Not sure why mention of Lexington’s excellent CROSS was excised, but they’ll be opening the show. Their new album, Die Forever, is now available from Sophomore Lounge.

Also, you can stream Sic Alps’ new self-titled album here:

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