Last-Minute Show TONIGHT: JASON AJEMIAN and the HIGH LIFE at the Nach Bar, 10 PM, FREE!

JASON AJEMIAN and THE HIGH LIFE play at the Nach Bar in Germantown tonight. What are they like? Well, check out their site for some free tunes, and this description:

Formed at the Harold Arts Residency in Ohio, Jason Ajemian pulls all of his previous conceptual musics together under a solid roof with the HighLife.
Ajemian creates scores for the band in the architectural drafting program AutoCAD.  Titled Motion Maps, these scores guide the musicians through spaces and hallways of musical structures. His blueprints dictate the flow and motion of a musical set, opening the performers up to visual and descriptive influences, while leading them through a diverse musical landscape consisting of Ajemian’s orchestrated poems, American folk forms, Native American chants, Canadian sea shanties, Orbison, jazz expressive motion and balladry — all filtered through the creative/improvised process in a unique communication of the moment.

There’s a Facebook invite here, too: Did I mention it’s FREE?

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