PUJOL, ANIMAL CITY, and MOTE at ZANZABAR, Friday, June 29th

Cropped Out and The Other Side of Life are proud to present:

PUJOL (from Nashville, on Saddle Creek/Infinity Cat/Third Man, etc.)
ANIMAL CITY (from Chicago, on Sophomore Lounge)
MOTE (from Louisville)

Friday, June 29th
2100 S. Preston
9 PM doors, $5, 21-and-over

PUJOL’s new album United States of Being was released on June 5th.  PUJOL formed in 2009 as a last ditch effort to appease the Sarlacc Pit of Life with adeptly crafted songs based firmly in meaningful lyrical content. It’s these motives and songs that have taken PUJOL from the basements of Middle Tennessee to stages across the country and have garnered notice from more than just those with their ear to the ground. Following a plethora of singles and cassettes, PUJOL finally has an official debut full-length ready for unveiling. United States of Being continues on with PUJOL’s doctrine of trying hard everyday and ventures lyrically to a place that most contemporaries fail to reach. Addressing the current status of twenty-somethings in America’s present and capturing their shared dispositions, the album throws the brakes on “catharsis,” and begs the listener to decide for themselves how to answer the robot’s last question, “What is love?” With riff-oriented guitar playing reminiscent of greats like The Replacements and Beetlejuice-esque earworms, PUJOL now sits atop the fringes of the rock and roll and DIY vernacular.

ANIMAL CITY is finally a full band. After adding two of the funniest Jewish cousins that the music world has had to deal with, the longtime two-piece is an upbeat and funky version of itself, without ever abandoning its long-loved, lo-fi aesthetic. New adaptations of older songs make the old songs seem new and the new songs sound newer (because they are newer, duh). Transcending film, music, and social-chameleonism, the prolific four-piece is starting a creative parade on the streets of ANIMAL CITY. Won’t you join them?

MOTE are a rather mysterious, relatively new, totally rockin’ new band from Louisville. What more do you need to know?

CHECK IT OUT: Our friends at Backseat Sandbar are giving away tickets + merch for the show, but ya gotta get in by tomorrow, June 27th! Click here for details: http://backseatsandbar.com/2012/06/25/win-tix-media-bundle-pujol-animal-city-mote-zanzabar-629/.

And of course, here’s the Facebook invite: http://www.facebook.com/events/212685365519622.

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