Cropped Out and The Other Side of Life are proud to present:

PILLARS AND TONGUES (Chicago, Illinois)
MAN FOREVER (Brooklyn, New York; on Thrill Jockey)
NEW MOTHER NATURE (Louisville, Kentucky)

Wednesday, May 30th
2100 S. Preston
9 PM doors, $6, 21-and-over

PILLARS AND TONGUES is a trio based in Chicago, Illinois whose musical pursuits seem to defy genre categorization. The ongoing result of these pursuits has been called, variously, “holy” and “sexy” and it may well be the tension between these two concepts which lights the fire under (over?) PILLARS AND TONGUES. Think on those things which are so beautiful they become obscene. Speaking literally, the trio makes extended use of the human voice, violin, double bass, drums, bells and organs. The music is perhaps distinctly American in both its affair with American forms and its refusal to adhere to them at all.

Listen to a track by PILLARS AND TONGUES here: “Oaky (Doting, in Late Summer)”

John Colpitts (aka Kid Millions) is a Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist, composer and writer who is perhaps best known as the drummer for Oneida. MAN FOREVER, his vehicle for exploring the outer limits of drum performance, was created to overwhelm, to investigate the nuances that bloom in the midst of repetitive music, and to act as a pure sound experience. Thrill Jockey will release MAN FOREVER‘s first album, Pansophical Cataract, on May 15th.

(Photo of New Mother Nature by Tim Furnish.)

NEW MOTHER NATURE is a relatively new band on the Louisville scene, but filled with familiar faces. Members of NEW MOTHER NATURE are current or former members of Old Baby, The Phantom Family Halo, Natural Geographic, and many more. They’re quickly becoming one of our favorite new bands, and we think you’ll like ’em as well.

Check out the Facebook invite here: http://www.facebook.com/events/125737587562676.

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