Due to events beyond our control, the following show has been MOVED! Please note the new time and venue.

JOZEF van WISSEM & HERESY OF THE FREE SPIRIT (from Holland, on Important Records)
CHE CHEN & ROBBIE LEE (from Brooklyn, New York)
PETE FOSCO (from Cincinnati, Ohio)

Tuesday, April 13th
947 E. Madison (at the corner of Chestnut and Wenzel), (502) 889-5889
8 PM, $5, ALL AGES!

JOZEF van WISSEM is a lute player/composer from Holland. Devoted to what he terms “The Liberation of the Lute,” his compositions for the instrument have involved a dynamic mix of conceptual, minimalist, classical and improvisational strategies. Over the last two decades, he has used cut-and-paste tactics, created palindromic compositions by playing pieces forwards and then backwards and used field recordings and free improvisation to create a sound world that is at once meditative and surprising, new and arcane. An incessantly touring musician, van WISSEM‘s hypnotic live shows have taken him all over the world. He has records out on Important Records, BVHaast and his own Incunabulum label and has collaborated with James Blackshaw (as ‘Brethren of the Free Spirit’), Tetuzi Akiyama, Smegma, Gary Lucas (Captain Beefheart’s guitarist) and Maurizio Bianchi. Most recently he has begun playing his compositions in a trio with Robbie Lee and Che Chen called HERESY OF THE FREE SPIRIT.

CHE CHEN & ROBBIE LEE are Brooklyn, NY based multi-instrumentalists who have been steadily and intensively developing their unique approach to free improvisation over the last several years.  Using a shifting constellation of instruments that has included bass clarinets, baroque recorders, reed and pipe organs, Renaissance keyboard instruments, flutes, saxophones, bowed and plucked strings, little drums, bells, tape machines and their voices, CHE CHEN & ROBBIE LEE create earthy, slow moving improvisations that are informed as much by the ethnic folk traditions of the world as they are by 20th century composition and improvisation. Their music places precedent in listening, attention and dynamic interaction in the moment. Chen and Lee have released an LP and several CD-Rs on their own Telegraph Harp imprint.

COSMOLOGICAL CONSTANT is an experimental music trio using Moog synthesizer, clarinet and prepared guitars to generate a universe of unique timbres and textures. Norman Minogue’s Moog suggests journey of space travel while Steve Good’s use of wide intervals and multiphonics on clarinet zeros in on his original melodic constructions.  Joee Conroy then ties the two sound fields together by playing guitar and Chapman Stick side-by-side on a stand as a keyboard player might, and weaving an orchestral array with sustaining strings, two handed hammer-ons and other hetrodox techniques. The results can range from dreamy to futuristic music. They were invited to perform at the University of Louisville New Music Festival last year. Steve Good and Joee Conroy are full-time members of with New Music Ensemble, Ut Gret. Norman Minogue also performs with Ut Gret, and all three make creepy music with Crappy Nightmareville.

PETE FOSCO was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1980 and grew up in a suburb on the west side of town. Every day after school he would pillage his dad’s record collection, listen to early ’80s Phil Collins-era Genesis, eat oatmeal raisin cookies and stay up until 4 AM for no reason. He graduated from the University of Cincinnati’s College-Conservatory of Music in 2004, where he studied digital video and film production and learned how to appreciate fresh guacamole and The Green Manalishi by Fleetwood Mac. He is a self-taught guitarist and started playing out in 2007. He is inspired to live today by the soundtracks from Herzog’s Grizzly Man [by Richard Thompson — ed.], the Flower/Corsano Duo, Fushitsusha, and pot roast and mashed potatoes cooked by his wife Heather. They reside in Covington, Kentucky and live with an English bulldog and mini Italian greyhound.

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