SIBERIA (from Louisville)
THOUSAND ARROWS (from Bloomington, Indiana)

Friday, April 2nd
at the SWAN DIVE
921 Swan Street (at the corner of Swan and Caldwell)
9 PM, $5, 21-and-over

SIBERIA is not actually from the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, but is instead a duo from Louisville, Kentucky consisting of Mike Seymour and Syd Bishop. They cite Ennio Morricone, Stars of the Lid, Autechre, and Earth among many influences, yet their sound is uniquely their own. If you like instrumental guitar drone with actual melodies — and I know I do! — don’t miss their first show at the Swan Dive.

THOUSAND ARROWS is the solo project of Peter Schreiner of Bloomington, Indiana. Peter also plays in the Hollows (who played the Swan Dive back in January with Catherine Irwin and Elephant Micah) and Magnolia Electric Co.  This show marks THOUSAND ARROW‘s Louisville debut.

Check out the Facebook invite here:

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