JONATHAN GLEN WOOD (from Louisville)
(from Baltimore, Maryland; featuring Jana Hunter, on Gnomonsong)

Wednesday, March 17th
at the SWAN DIVE
921 Swan Street
8 PM, $5, 21-and-over

Hailing from the mountains of West Virginia with a heritage of hard luck miners and horse traders, JONATHAN GLEN WOOD’s music falls somewhere between the front porch and the barroom. JONATHAN has been playing many fantastic shows around town lately, and we welcome him to the Swan Dive for this headlining venture, on St. Patrick’s Day.

LOWER DENS is a band from Baltimore, which will release its first LP, Twin-Hand Movement, in summer 2010, on San Francisco’s Gnomonsong. Sonically, they come from some place near new-wave, kraut-rock, post-punk, and pop. Twin-Hand Movement, specifically, is record that incorporates those sounds to form its own. LOWER DENS formed in late 2008. Jana Hunter (guitar and vocals) needed a touring band for her solo work and found, through mutual friends, Abram Sanders (drums) and Geoff Graham (bass and vocals.) Two months of steady touring made a collaborative entity out of them, and Jana wrote the material for Twin-Hand Movement in reaction. They pored over arrangements and the final track list for nearly a year. Will Adams, an old friend of Hunter’s, joined two months prior to recording. Twin-Hand Movement was made with the help of Chris Freeland (recording engineer, drummer for Oxes, proprietor of Beat Babies Studio just outside Baltimore), Chris Coady (mixing engineer with TVOTR, YYY’s, and Beach House records to his credit, proprietor of DNA Downtown studio in NYC), and Sarah Register (mastering engineer at The Lodge in NYC, serious player in Talk Normal.) Amongst others, they cite Wire’s Chairs Missing, Chrome’s Half Machine Lip Moves, Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures, Faust IV, and Snakefinger’s Greener Postures as companions and influences. LOWER DENS is indeed at once classic and of the times, sounding familiar but not dated, recalling the warmth of nostalgia but not its tiredness.

Download “Blue & Silver” by LOWER DENS here:

WILLIAM BRYAN RAGLAND says that he likes “to write songs, and I’ve been writing longer than I’ve been alive.” He has played, written and performed with many Louisville-area bands, including Angst., Blackface, Ants In An Argument, The Revenants, Thee Flying Carpets, HUMAN, Ben Purdom, Tennessee Edwards, and Sarah Elizabeth, as well as contributed to the soundtrack to the Baxter Avenue Morgue several years in a row. He says, “I will continue to write until my life runs out.”

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