EGRET (from Louisville)
CURSILLISTAS (from Portland, Maine; on Time-Lag and Digitalis)
(from NYC)

at the SWAN DIVE
Friday, November 13th
921 Swan Street
9 PM, $5, 21-and-over

EGRET is a newer Louisville band composed of Greta Smith on vocals, autoharp, and guitar; Paul Rushford on lap steel and guitar; Chet Gray on cello, guitar, kazoo; and Chris Martin on drums, and percussion. They recently played the Swan Dive with eremy Jirvin & the Free=Ends, and are currently recording their first album.

CURSILLISTAS are a fantastic collective of mysterious origins, having released one excellent record on their own L’Animaux Tryst imprint, Les Biches (which was recently re-issued by Time-Lag). Norman Records had this to say about it: “[it’s] meandering space drone & cracked acid-fried freestyle folk. …The fourth track and is totally amazing, like one of those blinding Animal Collective harmony drenched space pop experiments. Then there’s some fun to be had with xylophones and bent shards of heavily manipulated guitar whilst vocals drift drowsily all over the shop like drunken clouds.” Their new 12″, entitled Joint Chiefs, will soon be released by Digitalis. This show will be their Louisville debut.

New York’s LITTLE GOLD presents mellow country rock born from years of playing basement punk shows. Christian DeRoeck spent a good chunk of the past decade leaning on the whammy bar in Meneguar, and was one of the two founding songwriters in Woods. Following the trio’s ecstatic appearance at the Swan Dive back in September (with DR Country and WAND), LITTLE GOLD mainman Christian will be performing solo on Friday the 13th.

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