REGRESSION, SPYKES, NZAMBI, BODY MORPH, DOG LADY at Zanzabar Saturday, October 24th


SPYKES (John Olson of WOLF EYES)
NZAMBI (Christopher Cprek of PAX TITANIA)
SICK LLAMA (from Michigan)
(from Michigan?)
DOG LADY (from Detroit, Michigan)

Saturday, October 24th
2100 S. Preston Street
9 PM, $5, 21 and over

From BOOMKAT: “WOLF EYES founding member NATE YOUNG has taken the noise levels down several notches for his new solo outing as REGRESSION, although the air of implicit, floating darkness cast over the whole affair is very much within his established oeuvre. You could neither classify REGRESSION’s self-titled LP as a noise record or a death ambient record, instead the analog synth dissections and tape treatments more closely reference library music, horror soundtracks, or in its more austere moments, early electronic music. REGRESSION is an outstanding album, proving to be more delicate than a WOLF EYES full-length has ever been, yet it’s able to match the group’s sonic gravitas – and their uncanny ability to make the extremes of music sound so incredibly seductive.”

SPYKES is one of John Olson of Wolf Eyes’ many projects, along with running the American Tapes label and playing in Dead Machines and Birth Refusal.

NZAMBI is the new synth project from Christopher Cprek, also known as PAX TITANIA. Christopher uses an arsenal of DIY modular synthesizers. His former projects include Darker Florida with Irene Moon, Auk Theatre with Irene Moon, and as a member of Warmer Milks a few years back.

DOG LADY is one Mike Collino of Detroit, Michigan on violin and modified electronics. DOG LADY has played shows with incredible acts including Aaron Dilloway, Andrew Coltrane, and Caroliner. DOG LADY has released a number of tapes on his own label, as well as a recent release on Trilogy Tapes, and one coming up on Rampart Tapes (label run by Trevor Tremaine of Hair Police). Before DOG LADY, Mike played under various names, including Cannibal Scab and Gamble Gore. Mike used to organize Guerrilla SkatePark in Detroit, whereby abandoned buildings would be transformed into makeshift Saturday night skateparks and bands would play. Mike’s other projects are Waste Ground and Pool Water and Gloria (with Wyatt Howland of Skin Graft).

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