Unfortunately due to events beyond their control, SUNSET (from Austin, Texas) had to cancel. But the show will go on, with…

JOE MANNING (from Louisville, Kentucky)
SPIRITS OF THE RED CITY (from all over)
ELEPHANT MICAH (from Bloomington, Indiana)

1017 E. Broadway
Thursday, October 29th
7 PM, $6, ALL AGES

Louisville’s JOE MANNING has been playing music around town for a while, either solo or as a member of Kings Daughters and Sons (currently), Leota and Engine (both sadly defunct). In fact, he’s been a part of Louisville’s music community for so long that perhaps no introduction is necessary. What is necessary is Joe’s music, which contains a plaintive and yearning expressiveness that somehow eases the worried mind. Check out what these nice people have to say about Joe’s music: “[Manning’s] deep voice is rugged and weary, an uncommon beauty unafraid of exposure and judgment” (Peter Berkowitz, Courier Journal). “There’s nothing hurried about Joe Manning’s music. It unfolds leisurely but intently, a slow burn snaking its way into your heart” (Jeffrey Lee Puckett, Courier-Journal).

SPIRITS OF THE RED CITY is an eight-member collective of friends and wandering musicians led by Will Garrison. Members call home places as close as Minneapolis and as far as Alaska and New York City. Call the music time-weathered folk or strewn remnants of Americana or something else entirely. Here is what you will hear: Opaque lyrics, at once lonely and longing and hopeful and weary and love-strewn, given breath with explorative structure and melody, and supported by an ensemble featuring cello, violas, trumpet, drums, banjo, accordion, ukulele, layered vocal harmonies and more.

ELEPHANT MICAH is the name of a music collective led by musician Joe O’Connell. He has recorded for BlueSanct Records and Time-Lag Records. In addition, he has released work on his own LRRC (Luddite Rural Recording Cooperative), which has also released work from collaborators Justin Vollmar and Jason Henn.

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