SAPAT, JACK ROSE, ZAK RILES (of Grails) at the SWAN DIVE, Monday, September 28

SAPAT (on Siltbreeze)
JACK ROSE (from Philadelphia, on VHF)
ZAK RILES (of Grails, on Important)

Monday, September 28
The Swan Dive
921 Swan Street
9 PM, $5, 21 and over

Spawned from the formidable Louisville, KY collective known as Black Velvet Fuckere, SAPAT resides as the centrifugal force in this Midwestern psychedelic madrigal set in the psychosexual backwaters of the mighty Ohio River. For the entirety of the ‘00 decade, members have kept busy collaborating with and/or massaging the egos of various and sundry avant-pontiffs such as Robert Fripp, Magik Markers, Dead Child and Eugene Chadbourne – when not honing the orgone energy of SAPAT.


Since 2001, JACK ROSE has pursued his own path in the solo acoustic guitar genre as invented by John Fahey. Like Fahey, ROSE draws his inspiration from early rural American musicians like Charley Patton, Skip James and Blind Blake. In addition to those influences he gleans inspiration from Robbie Basho, Ry Cooder, Zia M. Dagar, La Monte Young, as well as Terry Riley. JACK incorporates all of these elements into his own idiosyncratic style, and it is his sound and his alone. By early 2010, JACK ROSE will have released 10 critically acclaimed albums since 2002. From 1995-2006 Rose was a member of the legendary drone/noise/folk group Pelt. Pelt — along with Tower Recordings, UN, and Charalambides — was one of the early groups who forged a new sound that combined free improv, drone, traditional folk music in the early to mid nineties, later coined “New Weird America” by The Wire‘s David Keenan in the early oughts.

ZAK RILES is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist in the Important/Temporary Residence band Grails. His creative contributions to the group are immeasurable and can be heard clearly on this self-titled debut solo outing. In fact some of the pieces on this solo record have been reinterpreted into Grails favorites. Like his band Grails, ZAK RILES’ solo work is an elaborate mansion built of inspiration but with so much strength and originality that it stands firmly on its own. On these rocky shores come crashing waves of Sandy Bull, Mogolar, Deuter, Popol Vuh and the Ventures while Persian breeze drifts by wafting the melodies of Hossein Alizadeh. Essential listening for followers of Important Records who favor the likes of Grails & James Blackshaw.

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