BAD BLOOD, DAVILA 666, MIDNITE SONS at SKULL ALLEY Wednesday, September 23

DAVILA 666 (from Puerto Rico, on In the Red)

Wednesday, September 23
Skull Alley
1017 E. Broadway
7 PM
$6, all ages

(Bad Blood photo by Darren Rappa.)
BAD BLOOD is one of Louisville’s finest rock combos, rocking a fertile mix of garage rock n’ blues to acclaim all over this fine city. BAD BLOOD features Dave Bird (of Rude Weirdo and the Health and Happiness Family Gospel Band), and The Hort, among other fantastically rockin’ fellas. They self-released an excellent four-song EP earlier this spring, available now at ear X-tacy.


Hailing from San Juan, Puerto Rico, DAVILA 666 is one of the biggest rock ‘n’ roll attractions in the country. Over the past two years, they have amassed a large local following and their shows have a reputation as must-see spectaculars. A DAVILA 666 set functions almost like a theatrical event, as the band presents a thematic environment in which viewers are called to interact with props and exotic dancers. According to singer Carlitos, “Davila is a living homage to the sex, drugs, and good times of rock ‘n’ roll we all idolize.” Their sound is the combination of obvious rock ‘n’ roll classics like the Stones, Stooges, Velvets, and Dolls, along with less likely influences such as Mazzy Star, Li’l Wayne, and Plan B. “We are like Menudo (the group– not the soup) on lots of drugs,” says Carlitos. DAVILA 666, whose name combines references to a notorious Bayomon city slum with the number of the beast, recently toured the West Coast, where they made fans in every town they played and alliances with like-minded bands such as The Spits, Black Lips, and The King Khan & BBQ Show. All of their songs are sung in their native Spanish but that doesn’t stop English-speaking audiences from dancing on tables and going crazy at their shows.

MIDNITE SONS are a new trio featuring Evan Blesset, Joey Mudd (ex-Crain, Crawdad, Spot, Cerebellum, Pale Blue Star), and Matt Sturgis. MIDNITE SONS had their debut at the Fright Night Film Fest in Louisville in August 2009, and word-of-mouth about their primal blues-rock roar is steadily growing around town.

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