Little Wings and Zak Riles (of Grails) at the SWAN DIVE, Sunday September 6

Jeremy over at the Swan Dive put together a doozy of a show for this Sunday. Here’s what he had to say about it:

LITTLE WINGS is Kyle Fields’ music project. Little Wings songs are quickly becoming modern folk classics. I spoke with him the other day and we had a conversation about Fiest, who is all over iPod commercials, covering one of his songs, “Look at What the Light Did.” Kyle is also an artist, who has picture in galleries all over the globe. I could go on and on about his song writing skills and how good his art is but i”ll spare you the hubbub.

Zak Riles is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist in the Important/Temporary Residence band Grails. His creative contributions to the group are immeasurable and can be heard clearly on this self-titled debut solo outing. In fact some of the pieces on this solo record have been reinterpreted into Grails favorites. Like his band Grails, Zak Riles’ solo work is an elaborate mansion built of inspiration but with so much strength and originality that it stands firmly on its own. On these rocky shores come crashing waves of Sandy Bull, Mogolar, Deuter, Popol Vuh and the Ventures while Persian breeze drifts by wafting the melodies of Hossein Alizadeh. Essential listening for followers of Important Records who favor the likes of Grails & James Blackshaw.

You can also listen to a podcast with Zak Riles at LEO Weekly here: And here’s the Facebook invite:


Sunday, September 6th
The Swan Dive
921 Swan Street
$5, 9 PM, 21 and over


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