Just Announced! Lexington’s CROSS to open for ENDLESS BOOGIE 9/24


Exciting new Lexington, Kentucky band CROSS will open for ENDLESS BOOGIE at the Swan Dive, Thursday September 24th (click the link for more information about the show).

Here’s the “official” CROSS bio:

Based out of Lexington, CROSS is comprised of MA Turner and R Clint Colburn. CROSS started playing music together directly after guitarist MA Turner’s group Warmer Milks dissolved in early Spring 2009 and immediately went on a bi-coastal U.S. tour. Currently working on their first full length record, CROSS live at the Rat Vex house in Lexington’s north end where both members draw on the walls and listen to records.

CROSS just completed a cross-country tour with Castanets, and their performance with ENDLESS BOOGIE will be their Louisville debut! You can listen to some of their tunes at their MySpace site, http://www.myspace.com/foreverintothecross or at their blog at http://tombstonegravy.blogspot.com.


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