Sir Victor Uwaifo, Guitar Boy Superstar 1970 – 76 (Soundway)

(Cover image taken from LEO Weekly.)

I haven’t written reviews in a while, but I’m getting back into that game, starting today. In this week’s edition of LEO Weekly, Louisville’s only alt-weekly, you can find my byline on this review of the Sir Victor Uwaifo Guitar Boy Superstar compilation:

For many years, most African music remained unavailable to Americans. Aside from rare finds in immigrants’ shops, and sounds lucky to make it through to the world music circuit, the majority of the best African music remains unheard by Western ears. However, thanks to enterprising record labels such as Soundway (curators of the fantastic Ghana Soundz and Nigeria Special compilations), many gems are now available. Soundway’s latest compilation is of 1970s works by Nigeria’s Sir Victor Uwaifo, the first African recording artist to be awarded a gold disc, yet criminally unknown here. Uwaifo’s “ekassa” songs are generally brief and melodically sweet, with virtuosic guitar leads sometimes missing from Afrobeat. Yet Uwaifo’s music, while mellower than his confrontational countryman Fela, retains a timeless urgency.

Buy it from Forced Exposure here: (Looks like the vinyl is sold out.)

I’ll put up a link to download it shortly, as the one on this old post expired.

UPDATE, 2:30 PM: Download it here for a limited time.


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