Ron Asheton, R.I.P.

(Ron Asheton performing with the Stooges, from

The Ann Arbor News is reporting that Ron Asheton, guitarist of the Stooges, was found dead in his home this morning. Here’s the full story:

Famed rock-and-roll guitarist and longtime Ann Arbor resident Ronald “Ron” Asheton was found dead in his home on the city’s west side this morning, police said.

Asheton, 60, was an original member of The Stooges, a garage-rock band headlined by Iggy Pop and formed in Ann Arbor in 1967.

His personal assistant contacted police late Monday night after being unable to reach Asheton for days, Detective Bill Stanford said.Officers went to the home on Highlake Avenue at around midnight and discovered Asheton’s body on a living-room couch. He appeared to have been dead for at least several days, Stanford said.

Detective Sgt. Jim Stephenson said the cause of death is undetermined but investigators do not suspect foul play. Autopsy and toxicology results are pending.

Asheton was born in Washington, D.C. His brother, Scott, who lives in Florida, is the band’s drummer.

In 2007, The Stooges reunited and released “The Weirdness,” their first album in three decades.

Asked how it felt to be back with The Stooges, Asheton told The News in an interview that year that it was “great to be back on the road.”

The Stooges were part of a 1960s music scene in Ann Arbor that included such bands as the MC5, Bob Seger, Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen, and The Rationals.

We’ll keep updating when we know more. We also found an old issue of Black to Comm with a great Asheton interview, so if we’ll get the chance we’ll post it.


2 thoughts on “Ron Asheton, R.I.P.

  1. Brett Holsclaw

    R.I.P. Ron Ashton, guitarist and sometime bass player for the Stooges. He was one of a kind. Along with Jimi Hendrix, a master of the wah-wah pedal. I was so desparate to see them play @ Stubbs, during SXSW, a couple of years back. I missed their free record store show. I was sitting on the curb outside the venue listening intently to the music. From what I could tell … they sounded really tight. Mike Watt played Dave Alexander’s bass parts perfectly. You always hear the low end outside a club.

    So I never got to see them play. The day after the show, I saw Watt walking down the street. I called out to him, “Mike Watt.” No Answer. Again and louder, I yelled, “Mike Watt!” He spun around, annoyed, and said, “What!” And I said “you fuckin’ rock!” He smiled and continued on his way. He was hoofing it kind of fast. He obviously had somewhere to be. I hope he manages to fight off death for a long time. I enjoy his bass playing.

    Anyways, It would be so cool to, retain Watt, and call up Williamson, from wherever, for the next part of the Stooges saga. How about a Raw Power reunion? However, it just wouldn’t be the same with out Ron. It will probably never happen. But one can dream.

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