Los Angeles Free Music Society – A Selection


So, for a lark, let’s say you’re interested in the Los Angeles Free Music Society:

The Los Angeles Free Music Society (LAFMS) has been, since the early 1970s, the banner heading of a loose collective of experimental musicians in Los Angeles, California who were joined by an aesthetic based around radicalism and playfulness. Key players have included Joe Potts, Tom Recchion, Joseph Hammer, John Duncan, Dennis Duck and Rick Potts.

Notable band configurations have included Le Forte Four, Smegma (who relocated to Portland, OR in the early 1980s), Solid Eye, Airway and Doo-Dooettes. Their influence was most immediately felt by Japanese noise musicians like Hanatarash and Incapacitants.

but you don’t know where to start? Okay, read this Byron Coley mini-essay on LAFMS. And you say you can’t afford to buy The Lowest Form of Music, the ten-CD LAFMS box set? Or maybe you’re just lazy and don’t want to download the whole thing? Or can’t find it? Well, luckily for you, we’ve got a really nice two CDR sampler for you available here:

V/A, “Los Angeles Free Music Society – A Selection”


Disc One
1. Chip Chapman, “Getting Ahead/Orbit/Painting the Roses Red”
2. Le Forte Four, “Suburban Magic (Chapman)”
3. Le Forte Four, “Rock Saga”
4. Le Forte Four, “Ka-Bella-Binsky Bungo” (excerpt)
5. Le Forte Four, “What Do You Do, Radiator?/The Grocery Store Is My Heaven”
6. Le Forte Four, “Crank Up the Kids”
7. Le Forte Four, “The Very First Song I Ever Wrote”
8. Le Forte Four, “Keep the Point Up/4000 Holes In Blackburn, Lancashire”
9. Le Forte Four, “From the 12 Pages”
10. Le Forte Four, “Tree Shedding Blues”
11. Le Forte Four, “Do the Crow”
12. Le Forte Four, “Internal C.B. Breakage”
13. Le Forte Four, “Dark Skratcher”
14. Airway, “Live at the Lace, Pt 1”
15. Airway, “Live at the Lace, Pt 2”
16. Airway, “Perpendicular Thrust”

Disc Two
1. Fredrik Nilsen, “Insecticide, A Philosophical Didactic”
2. Harold Schroeder, “Silent Rituals”
3. Kevin Laffey, “Berlin Zug und der Dusseldorf Rag”
4. Monitor, “Pet Wedding”
5. Dennis Duck, “One O’Clock Jump”
6. Paul Is Dead, “Crazy”
7. Friends of Leslie, “Freak Show”
8. Tom Recchion, “Jazz 2000 A.D. Part 3”
9. Tom Recchion, “Herself a Cocoon”
10. Tom Recchion, “The Little Green Thing”
11. Human Hands, “Insomnia”
12. Monique et Aviv, “I Am I”
13. Dinosaurs With Horns, “Totally Gone”
14. Doo-dooettes, “Baby”
15. Doo-dooettes, “Dr. Phibes Visits Chicago”
16. Doo-dooettes, “Scrapyard”
17. Rick Potts, “Squirrel-Proof Man”
18. Rick Potts, “Parasitic Twin”
19. Solid Eye, “Ghost Beef”
20. Extended Organ, “Hum Diddle Um Diddle Um”

This collection was curated/compiled by Darren Misner, one of the original Pataphysics Lab founders, for me a few years ago, and I just thought that, at this late date, I should share. Many thanks to Darren for this and many other fine gifts through the years.

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