Harley Gaber’s The Winds Rise In the North Reissue!

(Image swiped from http://edition.r2010.de)

Wow! One of my favorite screeching, abrasive violin drone albums of all time, Harley Gaber’s The Winds Rise In the North, is set to be reissued this fall on the excellent Edition RZ label:

To be released in autumn 2007! Linda Cummiskey (Violin), Malcolm Goldstein (Violin), Kathy Seplow (Violin), Stephen Reynolds (Viola), David Gibson (Violoncello)


How endlessly the heavens turn.
And yet the earth remains at rest.
Do the sun and the moon quarrel as to their positions?
Who rules over and orders all these things?
By whom are they in harmony?
Who effortlessly causes and maintains them?
Is there, perhaps, some hidden tension
that prevents them from being other than as they are?
Must the heavenly bodies move as they do, powerless to do otherwise?
Look how the clouds drop the rain!
And how the rain rises again to form the clouds!
Who moves them to this abundance?
Who effortlessly produces the primary orb and stimulates it?
The winds rise in the north and blow to the east and west.
Others move upward uncertainly.
Whose breath moves them?
Who effortlessly causes them to blow?
What is the cause?

[ Chuang Tzu ]

CD1 53:00 – CD2 50:48 – Gesamtspielzeit 103:48

Availability: In production

This is fantastic news for fans of post-Theatre of Eternal Music drone, as well as downtown music in general, as this classic has been out of print for quite a long time. The Winds Rise In the North was originally released on Titanic Records in 1976, and according to Alan Licht‘s Minimalism Top Ten III over at Volcanic Tounge, “Gaber gave up music not long after this record to pursue a career as a tennis instructor (!)….” Nutty. Anyways, a favorite in my household for some years now (purchased from Bob Fay on eBay, heh), it’ll be nice to see this relatively unheard classic get a new leash on life (and hopefully up-to-date mastering).

3 thoughts on “Harley Gaber’s The Winds Rise In the North Reissue!

  1. harley gaber

    thank you for the kind words. and spreading the news of the reissue on Edition rz. there might be another cd containing “the real of indra’s net.
    it’s more concise and intense. i’ working on and “archive-website. it will have all my artwork, music, and especially my 5000 canvas work, DIE PLAGE. ”


  2. othersideoflife Post author

    Harley, it’s great to hear from you! I just sent you an email. I’d love to get in touch about possibly interviewing you. Please let me know if that sounds good.



  3. harley gaber

    joel. hope you got recent package. Mt. Fuji has been revised already, will send new version soon with more notes. i think i told you my new website is up. if you get there can you please go to contact page and put in name and email and any comment or not. it’s to keep the search engines happy. many thanks. am curious about what you think of the other pieces i sent. when you have time, would love to hear from you. all best. h.g.


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