Fear Falls Burning, I’m One of Those Monsters Numb with Grace (Equation) LP

The following review appeared in the latest edition of Doug Mosurak’s Still Single column at Dusted Magazine:

Before I even sliced open the shrink-wrap with my thumbnail, the name of this one-man-electrical-line6-jam-band and its nausea-inducing title had me wincing. Like then I saw that the dude is Belgian and all, and no offense to our friends in Brussels, but it ain’t exactly a hotbed of exciting new sounds – even when the inevitable comparison to France is made (boy do Belgians hate being compared to the French!). And who knew the Belgians were so emo? Seriously the band name and titles had me expecting some whack job eyeliner five-piece from Passaic (a place more boring than Brussels, as far as I can tell) playing gear they bought at Guitar Center with mom’s credit card. What I got instead is, well, line6 and guitar rock not far afield from what everyone and their older not-into-emo brother’s been doing since they read about Sunn0))) in the New York Times Sunday Magazine. Aside from the kinda-nice album cover (a close-up photo of a guitar’s bridge), there’s really nothing here to distinguish this from about a million similar dudes. Gatefold sleeve, on really pukey-looking colored vinyl.

Buy it from Equation Records, if you like.

The next installment will include some more reviews by me, on records by Dog Faced Hermans, D. Charles Speer and more. That column should run in a couple weeks from now. Check out the rest of this week’s columns for great records, with reviews by Doug, Mike Crumsho and Matt Stern


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