Paul Rutherford, R.I.P.

Paul Rutherford

(Photos of Paul Rutherford and Iskra 1903 swiped from, which contains a discography and short biography.)

More bad music news, this time from the world of British free improvisation as Paul Rutherford, trombonist and founding member of Iskra 1903, has apparently passed on. Rutherford also played in the Globe Unity Orchestra and the London Jazz Composer’s Orchestra, as well as in many smaller groups. Additionally, his solo recording The Gentle Harm of the Bourgeoisie is considered to be ground-breaking, though I’ve never heard it.

Iskra 1903, Incus 3

In memoriam, all three discs of Iskra 1903’s Chapter One are available for downloading, starting with disc one, available here; disc two, available here; and disc three, available here.

Additionally, please take a gander at this interesting interview my good friend Cliff conducted with him last year.


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