Galbraith/Neilson/Youngs, Belsayer Time LP (Time-Lag)

Belsayer Time

This review also appeared in Swingset #8, yadda yadda, etc. etc.

“Idumea,” the first in this collection of haunting songs by Alastair Galbraith, Alex Neilson and Richard Youngs, begins with a steady drone and [Youngs’] Robert Wyatt-esque vocals singing an echo-y melody reminiscent of “House of the Rising Sun.” The trio’s new album, Belsayer Time, is their first together, and will not seem alien to fans of their individual and [other] group works. These three musicians are known best as the cream of the crop of their respective New Zealand and Scotland scenes: Alastair Galbraith has long been a member of A Handful of Dust with the Dead C.‘s guitarist/crank Bruce Russell. Neilson and Youngs were the musicians chosen to accompany Jandek at his first-ever live performance in Glasgow, and both have a long history of making excellent music. (Youngs’ first solo album,Advent, is a favorite in this house).

Together, the three mesh excellently on this album, simultaneously sounding fresh, yet familiar. The first side of Belsayer Time is perfect for a fall evening spent in the company of warm narcotics, while the second [side] begins with a free jam appropriate for all seasons and gets more abstract as the side progresses. Highly recommended for losers who want to drop a lot of money (like me).

Ltd. edition of 900, available from Time-Lag.


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