R.I.P. Charles Gocher Jr.

Charles Gocher Jr. of the Sun City Girls has died:


With deep regret, we must announce that Charles Gocher passed away yesterday in Seattle due to a long battle with cancer at the age of 54. He is survived by the two of us who adopted him as a brother 25 years ago and his many friends around the world. He will be missed more than most could ever know. Our thanks to everyone for their support and encouragement during the past three, very difficult years. Many of you were not aware that Charles was ill and that’s because he wanted it that way. Details of a memorial in his honor will be announced soon.

—Alan and Richard Bishop

I don’t have a whole lot to say right now other than I’m completely so saddened by this news. What a great trickster of a drummer, the convuluted heartbeat of America’s most fiercely strange band. I suppose getting to see them at All Tomorrow’s Parties is sort of a nice farewell, though, as it was a GREAT show and I somehow can’t think of anything more appropriate than for them to play in a Butlin’s (very casino-like atmosphere, for us Americans). I’ll write more later, and post pics, but for now I’m just gonna play Torch of the Mystics on repeat.


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