Awesome Color, Awesome Color CD (Ecstatic Peace!)

Today’s City Paper contains my review of the Awesome Color CD, out now on Ecstatic Peace!. Check it out:

Rocking a serious Stooges-esque-or is that Stoogian?-vibe comes rather easily to Brooklyn-via-Michigan’s Awesome Color. The band’s self-titled debut is one of the finest examples of today’s version of yesterday’s heavy guitar rock action. Far be it for us to start declaring that an actual movement is afoot or anything, but the past few years have definitely seen a resurgence in a hairy, expressive, hard-rockin’ guitar thing that–despite some of our younger, lamer tendencies to suppress childhood memories of ZZ Top–we can’t get enough of. And thankfully, despite residing in New York, Awesome Color thoroughly rejects any lame “rock is back,” wannabe new wave crapola.

From the first chords of opener “Grown,” you know the louder-than-three-people-should-be (think Blue Cheer) AC is gonna bring it. Indeed, the opening two-thirds of Awesome Color is just about as sweaty as rock gets, even after being laid down in a sterile studio environment and pressed to little plastic discs (and even when Thurston Moore’s behind the console). And while the vocals aren’t as wild with abandon as Iggy’s, Awesome Color’s endlessly repeated holy mantras like “it’s your time” set a pattern for ultramelodic guitar leads to follow along in a gospel-esque-there’s that suffix again-call and response. Clearly the path to heaven, or at least Ann Arbor, runs through Awesome Color.

In other news, The Red Krayola was totally amazing at Northsix last night. 2-hour set, new stuff followed by all the hits. Great action and vibe. UPDATE: you can watch some great videos of the Red Krayola live in Chicago last year at their band page at Drag City.

One last: is anybody reading this damn thing? Drop a comment if y’are.


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