R.I.P. Coptic Light

One of my favorite New York bands, Coptic Light, have called it a day. Bummer news, dudes. Weirdly enough, I just found this out yesterday, and while on the L train today, I ran into CL guitarist Jon Fine (aka Johann von Poodles), who confirmed the tragedy. Needless to say, while not incredibly well known (or active), CL was one of the most aggressively awesome bands I’ve seen in the past five years. First time was at the Fireside Bowl, in 2002, when I still lived in Chicago. CL – which consisted of Fine (ex-Bitch Magnet, Vineland, Don Caballero), wildman drummer Kevin Shea (of the highly under-rated Storm & Stress), and bass mechanic Jeff Winterberg (of Antioch Arrow) – totally killed it, with a combination of heavy volume and dynamic, intricate melodies. I missed their past few shows in New York (they ended up playing more in Japan in the past year and a half than in the city), so this makes the news doubly bummering. But we’ll always have the music: go buy their LP, cleverly titled lp, from the fine folks at No Quarter. And keep your eyes open for a posthumous EP sometime soon. Gone, but not forgotten…


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