Real News from Beirut

By Mazen Kerbaj

No, this is not about the indie faux-“world music” band, but from the city of 3-million-plus in Lebanon, currently getting the shit bombed out of it. Mazen Kerbaj, an improv trumpeter and illustrationist, has been updating his amazing blog – KERBLOG – since the beginning of the conflict last week (incidentally on the same day I got my promotion – way to make a guy feel bad). Additionally, he has recorded what I believe to be a genuine first: a “duet” of sorts with the airplanes and bombs of the Israeli Defence Forces. “Starry Night,” a six-minute excerpt of some two hours of, uh, jamming, is available at the following sources:

The mp3 is an amazing document of something most of us – in the United States anyway – will hopefully never experience. The blog is full of passionately angry, yet funny and sympathetic writings and drawings. Both are well worth much of your time.


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