Keith Fullerton Whitman, Multiples (Kranky) CD

Keith Fullerton Whitman aka Hrvatski is mostly known for his older drill n’ bass originals and remixes of fellow travelers such as Matmos, Cex and Kid606. His first solo album under his actual given name, Playthroughs, was more in an experimental-drone mode, and though I like a lotta stuff like that, for some reason it bored me. HOWEVER, Multiples is quite the burner. The premise behind this one is that Mr. Whitman limited himself to building the pieces on the album from toying with vintage synthesizers he had access to during a stint lecturing at Harvard, and while that probably reads as eye-glazing-over, not to mention ear-bores-galore, the end result is anything but. Multiples is, I’m happy to say, a thoroughly engaging and engrossing electronic album, every bit as accessible and intriguing as your standard rock band bullshit, yet made with entirely different components (and no vocals neither). Though the song titles only detail what instruments were used, they have clear schematic and thematic sounds, almost mini-dramas for the ear. Good stuff.


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