Bobby Beausoleil, Lucifer Rising Original Soundtrack (Arcanum) 2CD

It’s incredibly difficult, nay perhaps impossible, to discuss Lucifer Rising without mentioning its “controversial” (to put it mildly) creator and his story. Bobby Beausoleil is currently incarcerated in California, serving time for his part in the murders committed by the infamous Manson Family. But his bizarre and horrific criminal record is not what’s interesting about Beausoleil, or Lucifer Rising. Before his involvement with Manson, Beausoleil was active on the San Francisco hippy music scene, and was engaged to score Lucifer Rising, an intense occult meditation on film by Kenneth Anger (also known as the genius behind the films Scorpio Rising, Fireworks and the book Hollywood Babylon). Beausoleil and Anger had a falling out at Lucifer Rising‘s first screening, and did not speak to each other for many years. After Beausoleil’s incarceration, Anger engaged him again to complete the score, after Led Zeppelin’s Jimi Page failed to finish. Finally released in 2004, Beausoleil’s score recorded entirely in prison is a classic of instrumental psychedelia, akin to some of the better early Pink Floyd tracks. Imagine the sun rising over the pyramids, because that’s what you’re gonna see in your mind when you play this. Heavy.


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