Is it me, or is just about everything outta Europe some sorta twee stuff these days? I mean, even the grime stuff I’ve heard had an unbearable Paddington Bear quality to it, underneath a thin veneer of tough. What happened? Isn’t this the same continent that basically brought us two world wars, not to mention Scandinavian death metal? Where’s the frenzy, the brutality, the stupidity?

Efterklang’s this ten-piece band from Denmark, home of the l’il mermaid and some of the twee-est shit in Europe. Then again, they also got Lars Von Trier so I’ll give ’em a break (The Idiots ain’t twee, at least not all the way through). And really, there isn’t anything wrong with attempting to attain the beautiful, if it’s well done. Which this record is, if anything.

To these ears Efterklang definitely falls on Satie’s conception of “sonic wallpaper,” which ain’t an insult (even though I don’t think that’s what they’re shooting for). Which is to stay, this stuff, with its strings and choruses and gentle electronics and whatnot, is either easily ignorable or strikingly beautiful. Since I’m not a curmudgeon all of the time, I’ll give Tripper a pass.


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